A little update ;)

I’ve an exciting piece of news to share with you peeps! Two, actually. 😀

First things first, I’ve just signed up with a graduate training program at a company I’ve been eyeing since the start of 2013, which means I’ll be starting work next week, learning the ropes as a newbie to the industry. It’s an amazing opportunity to say the least, and I feel truly blessed at being given the chance to join their team. I hope I’ll be able to learn as much as I can as I transit into this new stage of life 😀

Blogging wise, I’ve decided to venture into a whole new range of topics from events and outings, to lists and tips in general. I’ve still write about food of course (who doesn’t love to eat!), but why limit my posts to these when I could be sharing loads of great experiences with you guys? 😉

I know I keep saying how excited I am in every post that it almost sounds repetitive, but trust me, I truly am C: As always, keep your eyes peeled!


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