[CLOSED] Blackball Singapore 黑丸嫩仙草 @ Star Vista

Update June 2020: Blackball’s Star Vista outlet has closed.

It’s been an overwhelming afternoon – travelling halfway across Singapore to pick up my graduation gown from school, dodging dozens of people bent on pitching all kinds of “post-grad” services and surveys, and trying to keep my cool, all amid the sweltering heat.

Naturally, a dose of me time was in order, so instead of taking my usual route home, I took a detour and ducked into Star Vista to escape the afternoon heat – and right in time for a cold treat!


Noooot quite!
Source: 9Gag

Stepping off the escalator, I spotted Blackball the same way a thirsty traveler spots an oasis in a scorching desert. I made my way to the counter, bulky garment bag in hand, and took a quick peek at the menu. And since I was practically smothered in the heat, it didn’t take long for me to decide what I wanted: a bowl of Jiu Fen Taro Crushed Ice (no prizes for guessing which part of the dessert’s name stood out for me!)

I handed my money to an amicable cashier (as amicable as one could be in this weather, gosh) and looked around for a seat – only to find a tiny, cramped space with two small tables and about half a dozen chairs shoved in between.

Still, beggars can’t be choosers, and in a couple of minutes, my dessert was ready:


I’m no expert on Taiwanese desserts; my very limited knowledge of it extends no further than the occasional bubble tea, but at that moment, Blackball’s Jiu Fen Taro Crushed Ice was absolute heaven. Crushed ice drenched in sweet syrup, topped with bubble tea pearls, mushy kidney beans and bouncy taro balls and slathered in grass jelly, who could ask for a better remedy for a hot, hectic afternoon?

Sighing in contentment between spoonfuls of icy bliss, I definitely knew what I would be headed for the next time I was in the area. There’s nothing not to love about this dessert: from the smooth bubble tea pearls to the starchy taro balls that dances on your taste buds, and the refreshing grass jelly and ice combination that hits the spot. 😀

So if you’re in the west and feeling the heat, you know where you can drop by:


The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange

Website: http://www.blackball.com.sghttps://www.facebook.com/Blackball.Singapore

Contact: 66943070

Opening Hours: 1130 – 2330


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