The #100happydays Challenge

71% who attempted this challenge failed because they were too busy to be happy.

It’s almost unbelievable at first, that majority of people today, or at least, those who tried to be happy about something for 100 days in a row, can’t find time for that. But then again, it can’t be too far from the truth. After all, how many times have we skipped out on sitting down to enjoy a cuppa, or taken the little things for granted simply because we were too focussed on coming out tops in the daily rat race?

With 2013 being a year of emotional roller coasters and near mental train wrecks, I made a resolution to be consciously, and successfully, happier this year. Enter the 100 Happy Days challenge which dictated that I post a picture of something that had made me happy that day, everyday, for the next 100 days. For someone who is so used to chronicling her daily moments on Instagram and the like, this seemed reasonable enough!


My first 100 Happy Days post was nothing spectacular; just a regular picture of my favourite breakfast on a Sunday morning. Barely 5 minutes after my first post, my blogger’s instinct quickly drove me to start queueing ideas for a week’s worth of pictures, just so I wouldn’t run out of things to post.

Quite simply, I thought I would try to cheat my way through a while before calling it quits.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

At first, the 100 Happy Days posts seemed no more than a daily task, an attempt to jump on the bandwagon of yet another social media fad. Some days, I even wondered if I was simply posting things  to tick another agenda off a to-do list. But maybe that’s what the 100 Happy Days challenge is all about: a list of things that, be they ordinary or special, made us feel good at one point, and more.




There were days on which so many good things happened that I had to sieve through to find one post for my #100happydays list, and days which I had to dig deep to find something that made me relatively happy, especially during those insane rush hours at work.

Over time, the 100 Happy Days Challenge helped me to realize that perspective is everything. There’s a happy moment in every day, no matter how mundane or insane those 24 hours might have been, and it’s up to us to see the big things in the little! 😉

Here are some posts from my 100 Happy Days Challenge; starting with a couple of birthday and Valentine’s Day presents:



Office antics by my downright crazy and adorable colleagues (whose identity I’ve yet to uncover):


And last but not least, food! How could I not have a bunch of belly-busting, diet-defying yummy dishes? 😀




I’m at the halfway point of this challenge, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of my journey takes me. Follow my personal challenge on Instagram at #chuepashappy100, or visit to find out more. 😀


2 thoughts on “The #100happydays Challenge

    • chuepachups says:

      Hey there! Thanks for sharing your experience; it’s pretty amazing that so many people are undertaking this challenge. Perhaps more would succeed at being happy not just for 100 days straight, but for a good part of their lives too. 😉

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