Hello Kitty Bubbly World-Inspired Outfits

Psssst. After taking the world by storm as classic fairytale characters and circus stars in 2013, Hello Kitty is back. And this time, she’s dressed as her friends from Sanrio in conjunction with her 40th anniversary this year.

Dubbed the Bubbly World collection, it sees the world’s most feline making her debut at McDonald’s outlets island wide, not only as other characters like Purin and Maru but – wait for it – shaped as a cute bubble:


Source: McDonald’s Singapore

Although I’m used to seeing Hello Kitty in her usual getup of red bow tie and blue overalls, I’ll always be impressed by how many looks she manages to pull off in these absolutely kawaii dolls. But what really caught my eye was its TV commercial:

Playful, snazzy and edgy, it has the look of a promotional video for a couture line (the things agencies would do these days to get their products to be the talk of the town). Anyway, it inspired me to put together a few looks for each character/ doll. Took me more than a few searches through Google to find the pieces I had in mind. 😛


Growing up, I’ve always loved cartoons, especially the cutesy ones from Japanese animation and toy lines. I also think they’re secretly fashionable and a great form of eye candy; otherwise, why would we be hooked on watching them or even having their collectibles lined up on our shelves? 😛

For more details about these HK-inspired looks (and more from Disney movies), check out my other blog CartoonClozet. 😉

Collector’s sets have already sold out online, which each doll going for S$5 with every Extra Value Meal. Keep your eyes peeled every Monday 11am cos that’s when Hello Kitty’s new look hits counters around Singapore! 😀

So, who do you want to see Hello Kitty dressed as next? 😛


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