Automation is NOT Engagement

I’ve debated whether or not to say it (and inadvertently offend a lot of people), but I’ve decided to get it off my chest once and for all:

I do not condone buying Followers, Likes or automating my Instagram account. 

I cannot emphasize how exasperated I get whenever I receive messages like these. And trust me, I do try to get rid of these accounts when I can. But it’s also very difficult to weed out the fake, spam or bot accounts from the real users. And it’s not nice to block a new follower just because I think that he or she is a bot for having only one or two posts on his or her account. Some people just don’t post and login only to view pictures. So I give them the benefit of the doubt (when it’s not explicitly stated that they’re promoting bought Followers) and let Instagram take care of the rest.

I’m not gonna pretend and say that Followers and Likes are just a numbers game because I do like reaching out to more people with my pictures and experimenting with various styles and schedules to crack that big mystery on what drives the most engagement on Instagram. (Managing another account at my full time job is another reason why.)

But what I don’t get is when people reduce an awesome photo sharing platform and community to a race to get the most Followers and Likes on their profile. It’s like finishing a video game after reading all the cheats and walkthroughs. Sure, you get it on paper, but where’s the fun in that?


Circa 2011. Nothing record breaking, but everything’s for real.

I’m happy with my humble sized following if it means that they’re genuine followers or friends I’ve made blogging or Instagramming, not numbers that were bought. I believe if that you’ve genuinely great content and/ or know how to get your stuff out, people will want to follow you.

Sorry if this rant (ha) kinda long, but I wanted to say something for the record. And if you do see something suspicious now and then, well – read the third paragraph again. 😉


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