The #100happydays Challenge

71% who attempted this challenge failed because they were too busy to be happy.

It’s almost unbelievable at first, that majority of people today, or at least, those who tried to be happy about something for 100 days in a row, can’t find time for that. But then again, it can’t be too far from the truth. After all, how many times have we skipped out on sitting down to enjoy a cuppa, or taken the little things for granted simply because we were too focussed on coming out tops in the daily rat race?

With 2013 being a year of emotional roller coasters and near mental train wrecks, I made a resolution to be consciously, and successfully, happier this year. Enter the 100 Happy Days challenge which dictated that I post a picture of something that had made me happy that day, everyday, for the next 100 days. For someone who is so used to chronicling her daily moments on Instagram and the like, this seemed reasonable enough!

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