On the Little India Hero (and other things)

I’m sure by now that many of you would have heard about the riot that broke out at Little India on 8 December, following a fatal traffic accident between an Indian national and a private bus.

Amid the social commentary and reports that flooded my news feed, I couldn’t help but notice one by The New Paper on a chap dubbed the Little India Hero.

In a clip that aired on Worldnews1, this man, presumably an Indian national, can be seen going around trying to stop members of the mob from smashing objects against a bus, even putting himself in a risky position between said mob members and the bus before walking away with one of them, as if trying to reason him out of his actions.


Source: The New Paper, screen grab from Worldnews1

(Click here to read the report and watch the clip.) 

While I’m not here to discuss the riot per se, I just wanted to share how watching this man reminded me of an encounter I had with a group of Indian nationals a while back. It was National Day, and a friend and I were making our way through the crowd at Marina Promontory.

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Contrast (Hong San See @ Mohamed Sultan Road)

I visited Hong San See a while back with the intention of test shooting a roll of Neopan 400. 

Getting there was easy, and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon exploring the temple grounds by myself – until a groundskeeper scared the living daylights out of me by appearing out of nowhere and gruffly informing me that he would be locking up soon.

With limited time left on the Temple of Phoenix Hill, I stepped outside and snapped a couple of photos of the temple’s exterior as a memento of my time there, before climbing down the long flight of stairs to lower ground.

It wasn’t until I had sent the entire roll for development and scanning, that I could see the products of my “photo walk”. Ah, such is the anticipation that is heightened only by the process of film photography. 😉


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