On the Little India Hero (and other things)

I’m sure by now that many of you would have heard about the riot that broke out at Little India on 8 December, following a fatal traffic accident between an Indian national and a private bus.

Amid the social commentary and reports that flooded my news feed, I couldn’t help but notice one by The New Paper on a chap dubbed the Little India Hero.

In a clip that aired on Worldnews1, this man, presumably an Indian national, can be seen going around trying to stop members of the mob from smashing objects against a bus, even putting himself in a risky position between said mob members and the bus before walking away with one of them, as if trying to reason him out of his actions.


Source: The New Paper, screen grab from Worldnews1

(Click here to read the report and watch the clip.) 

While I’m not here to discuss the riot per se, I just wanted to share how watching this man reminded me of an encounter I had with a group of Indian nationals a while back. It was National Day, and a friend and I were making our way through the crowd at Marina Promontory.

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