CellaRaid – Savour Weekly Vintages from Around the World at Home (Invite)

If there’s one thing about me that’s changed as I’ve gotten older, it’s my newfound love for wine. In these hectic, work-filled days, nothing is better than kicking back with a glass and a juicy novel in hand.

That’s why services like CellaRaid come in handy. After all, why go through the hassle of finding a vintage and bringing it home, when you can have it delivered to your doorstep on-demand?


Newly launched, CellaRaid brands itself as a lifestyle curator first, and a wine delivery second. A champion certified sommelier selects wines from private vineyards around the world in three categories:

  • Explore ($68) set featuring undiscovered fine wines from rising star wineries (estimated retail value of up to $500)
  • Experience ($75) set featuring a focused selection of premium wines from top wineries (estimated retail value of up to $700)
  • Indulge ($99) set featuring finest crus from the world’s most famous vineyards and chateaux (estimated retail value of up to $1000 and more)

Each trio of wines are available in limited quantities every week – tic toc!


Quality is assured, too, as the 75ml vials are carefully sealed and labelled, before being packed in an elaborately designed box with an ice pack to keep them chilled – all for your enjoyment.


New to the wine-drinking scene? CellaRaid’s got you covered. Not only is each vial labelled in the order of drinking, it also comes with a tasting note which details its origins, notes, and the ideal accompanying meats.

You can also add a set of 3 Wine Glasses ($35) from Chef & Sommelier. Each set includes a Standard,  Burgundy, and Bordeaux made in France.


As I go for lighter wines, the 1975 Marques de Caceres from my Explore Spain set was my personal favourite. You can even do a blind taste test with your friends!

Whether you want to try rare vintages without paying the price of a full bottle, or are looking to start a wine-tasting hobby, CellaRaid is the way to go. Did I mention that delivery is free? Cheers to that!

If you sign up for their newsletter, there’s a Dom Perignon 1985 to be had for one lucky winner at the end of December; how’s that for a smashing New Year’s Eve? 😉

Thanks Alex and co. for the stash!



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