Food & Socialikes Connect (FSCSG) (Invite) – of Food, Social Media & Ethics

Food is hot in Singapore, and it’s getting social.

The inaugural Food & Socialikes Connect (FSCSG) was held at Lime House over a week ago, and saw some 50 food bloggers, Instagrammers and blogger-come-Instagrammers tuning on some of the things that FSCSG’s panel of F&B professionals and insiders had to say about the local F&B and blogging scene.

It’s funny how most of us are kind of “competing” against each other for a share of voice in this hyper saturated field, yet our blogs and social media profiles also complement each other in terms of how we cover different areas in food. That said, it was great to finally see some of my favourite food bloggers in person and bask in their reflected glory-I mean, spend a fruitful day getting their insights and strategies on how to be a better blogger.

Oh, and there was also a friendly mobile photography competition after photographer Alex Ortega shared tips on how to take great pictures without a DSLR. No pressure. 😉

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When in Shanghai: 8 Street Foods Worth Trying At Least Once Besides Xiao Long Bao

One thing about Shanghai that stood out to me during my trip, was the incredible variety of street food. Step out of your house and you’ll easily find yourself spoilt for choice by the sheer amount of drool worthy creations. Best of all, you can grab and go most of them!

While xiao long bao is one of the first things that come to mind when recalling Shanghai’s street food, I thought I would compile a checklist of sorts for foodies to check out based on what my family brought me to during my very brief trip last month. Enjoy!

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Guzman y Gomez @ Star Vista – The Go-To Place for All Things Mexican with Unlimited Salsa (Invite)

There’s something about Mexican cuisine that leaves you feeling incredibly full just at the thought of it – big flavours, vibrant colours, and even bigger portions that do not stinge on the goodies.

You may be surprised to know that Guzman y Gomez is not, unlike what its advertising collateral suggests, a Mexican food concept helmed by two genial looking gentlemen by the names of Guzman and Gomez. In fact, the brand originated in Australia, and currently has overseas outlets in Singapore and Japan. Still, Guzman y Gomez has grown to become the go-to place to satisfy our cravings for Mexican food, with its largest outlet located at Star Vista.


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Dumpling Darlings @ Amoy Street – Lola Cafe’s Newest Asian Food Venture in the CBD

It seems that Asian street food is all the rage these days, with various hole-in-the-wall type joints popping up to serve their take on what is a beloved staple for many. When I first visited Lola’s Cafe a whole five years ago (back when I started this blog; time flies!), little did I expect this homegrown cafe to venture into the Asian food business.

A familiar name amongst carnival goers, Dumpling Darlings has made its permanent on the same side of Amoy Street as three years old Wanton. Being an avid eater of dumplings myself, I knew I had to swing by their premises as soon as I could.


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Seoi Gor Cafe @ Orchard XChange – 3 Asian Street Food Concepts in 1; Near Aqua S Singapore (Invite)

You know when you’re out with your friends and you just can’t decide on a place to eat that satisfies everyone’s cravings? Well good news for you: Royal T Group, the mastermind behind homegrown bubble tea chain LiHo, has launched Seoi Gor Cafe, a 3-in-1 Chinese street food concept that houses three brands both new and beloved: Woo Ricebox, Seoi Gor, and Gong Yuan Ma La Tang. 

Seoi Gor Cafe-1

Located a stone’s throw away from Aqua S at Orchard Xchange, Seoi Gor Cafe has brought delectable new additions to each concept’s menu, alongside existing bestsellers which are sure to whet appetites!

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Aqua S Singapore @ Orchard Xchange – Whimsical Pastel Blue Soft Serve from Down Under Opens in Singapore; New Flavours Fortnightly

While I’m not too big on desserts, I’m always down for a lil sweet treat now and then. Heck, the more dramatic, the better.

So when the fantastically Instagram famous Aqua S from Sydney, Australia announced their plans to set up shop in Singapore, I was pretty intrigued. As I had never tried their pastel hued soft serve, often hidden behind a voluminous cloud of cotton candy on my social media feed, I was eager to try it out when they opened their doors this week at Orchard Xchange.


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