When in Tokyo: Everything I Ate at Tsukiji Outer Market, Former Site of the World’s Greatest Fish Market

While its wholesale compound has long relocated to Toyosu, Tsukiji Outer Market continues to be *the* bustling destination for foodies far and wide. After all, what could be better than hopping from stall to stall, sampling fresh seafood and other delicious street food? 

Best of all, most eateries and stalls are open by 8am. With most food spots in Tokyo only opening their doors around 10am, Tsukiji is an excellent spot for breakfast, especially if you’re staying in the Ginza or Taito areas. Here’s everything I ate there! 


Tsukiji Outer Market occupies a five-block stretch, with most of its street food and goods-related stores concentrated in the northmost three blocks, and a handful of dine-in spots spaced out in the remaining two. Entering the outermost stretch, you can already catch the mouthwatering aromas from many stalls. 

Fair warning: you’ll be spending a lot trying different foods. 


1. Tonboya – Tuna Steak

Tonboya caught my attention with the appetising aroma of flame-grilled tuna wafting from its premises. Before I knew it, a small queue had formed and a sense of FOMO compelled me to join it. 

The Tuna Steak (¥500 for ala carte, ¥1,000 for set with beer) is worth the wait, with skewers grilled in batches in front of you. As one review pointed out, the flesh is so tender that it’s almost like chicken! Add pepper and lemon juice to your liking at the counter. 


Tuna Steak (¥500 for ala carte, ¥1,000 for set with beer)



Address: 4 Chome-9-15 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours: Website


2. Maguroya Kurogin – Maguro Sushi and Don

The next one on this list is a must-try if you are a maguro fan. Said to be the first stall in Kansai to carry Pacific Bluefin tuna, Maguroya Kurogin sees snaking queues for its various cuts of tuna, which range from lean to “special fatty”. 

A set of sushi or a donburi will set you back anywhere between ¥1,300 to ¥3,400, depending on your cuts of choice. The Three Colours Sushi (¥2,600) features lean, medium, and very fatty tuna. While the more indulgent Three Toro Sushi (¥3,400) is one of the most expensive – and popular platters, with medium, fatty, and very fatty tuna. 


Three Colours Sushi (¥2,600)

tsukiji-outer-market-maguroya-kurogin (1)

Address: 4 Chome-10-12 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours: Website

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

3. Marutake – Tamagoyaki

Namiyokedori is where you will find many of Tsukiji’s most-recognised stalls and foods, including tamagoyaki. I ended up trying two different stalls’ tamagoyaki purely by chance, one of them being Marutake.

There are two storefronts for Marutake, one where you can order Tamagoyaki (¥100) to eat, and another to purchase a box for takeaway. Aside from the plain version, which is the most popular among patrons, you can also purchase tamagoyaki with unagi. 

Marutake’s version is sweet and airy, making it a perfect snack while you queue for Tsukiji’s popular dine-in spots. 


Marutake Tamagoyaki (¥100)



Address:4 Chome-10-10 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 5am – 2pm
Saturday: 5am – 3pm
Sunday: 8am – 2pm


4. Yamacho – Tamagoyaki

Compared to Marutake, the Tamagoyaki (¥100) at Yamacho is denser, and with more intense flavours. Here, the queue moves pretty quickly, and you can watch each fluffy, egg-filled stick being made before your eyes. 

Yamacho Tamagoyaki (¥100)



Address:  4 Chome-10-10 Tsukiji, 中央区 Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours: 6.50am – 3.30pm daily


5. Shouro – Milkshake

Around the corner from Yamacho is…another tamagoyaki specialty store! Shouro is a third-generation store that has been using miyakoji eggs from Toji no Tamago, an Ibaraki-based farm for over 40 years. The result of this longstanding partnership is its creamy, mouthwatering desserts ranging from traditional tamagoyaki to Western-style custards and cream puffs. 

The Milkshake (¥600) is a satisfying beverage that will wow you with its smooth texture and mouthfeel. The sweet aftertaste is rich yet subtle, thanks to the use of cream and white chocolate. Highly recommended for dairy lovers! My only regret was not getting more. 


Milkshake (¥600)

Address: 4 Chome-13-13 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours: 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday: 6am – 3pm 
Sunday and Wednesday: 7am – 3pm

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

6. Tsukiji Ihachi – Wagyu SKewers and Don

While Tsukiji Outer Market is renowned for its seafood, there are plenty of meat-based options that are worth checking out. One commonly sought-after treat is wagyu skewer topped with uni, but these can cost up to a whopping ¥3,500 – ¥5,000 per stick. 

If you’re looking for something more “value for money”, Tsukiji Ihachi whips up some mouthwatering wagyu don that make for a substantial meal. The Wagyu Nikomi and Uni Don (¥3,500) blends comfort with indulgence, with tender wagyu nikomi enriched by raw egg and uni toppings. 

Tsukiji Ihachi does not dine-in seating but, you can perch yourself outside the Tax Refund Counter that’s situated across from it and people-watch while tucking into your don. 

Cards are accepted here, so fret not if you are short on cash. 


Wagyu Nikomi and Uni Don (¥3,500)

Address: 4 Chome-10-10 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours: 11am – 6pm daily

Website/ Instagram

7. Tsukiji Teppanyaki Jyu Jyu – BBQ WAGYU AND SEAFOOD Skewers

Tsukiji Outer Market has no shortage of BBQ stands, and it’s difficult to fight temptation from the appetite-whetting aromas around you. Tsukiji Teppanyaki Jyu Jyu is another stall where you can get your hands on some grilled wagyu skewers. The Wagyu Skewer (¥2,500)  I had was tasty and tender. 


Wagyu Skewer (¥2,500)


Address: 4 Chome-9-8 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours: 7am – 2.30pm (closed on Wednesday)

8. Matcha Stand Maruni – Matcha Latte 

With its modern, minimalist interior, Matcha Stand Maruni stands out from its neighbours. This stylish drink stand has made a name for itself with its iced and hot matcha lattes that have customers lined up to catch the whisking in action.

Like Tsukiji Ihachi, it is one of the few stalls that accept payment by card. In fact, due to its non-stop business, Matcha Stand Maruni actually states a preference for cards as it is supposedly constantly short on ¥100 coins for change. 

The Matcha Latte (¥600) is decent and not too sweet. I loved the velvety smooth texture. 


Matcha Latte (¥600)


Address: Japan, 〒104-0045 Tokyo, Chuo City, Tsukiji, 4 Chome−14−18 江戸市ビル 1F
Google Maps
Opening Hours: 9am – 3pm (closed on Wednesday)

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

9. Suga Shoten – Siew Mai

“Am I in Hong Kong?” is an oft-repeated question you will hear at Suga Shoten. This counter specialises in Japanese-style dim sum, namely siew mai and pork buns served piping hot from traditional bamboo steamers. 

Start your morning right with Siew Mai with Three Flavours (¥1,000), made from pork, chicken, and scallop fillings. These gargantuan siew mai definitely won me over with their hearty fillings! 


Siew Mai with Three Flavours (¥1,000)


10. Grilled Seafood

There is no shortage of grilled seafood at Tsukiji Outer Market. Popular items include grilled squid and scallops with uni



Grilled Scallop and Uni (¥1,400)



Grilled Squid (¥800)



Grilled Oyster (¥800)

11. Sashimi and oysters

Can you truly say you’ve visited Tsukiji without sampling its fresh sashimi and raw oysters? Whether from a sit-down restaurant or a counter, the sashimi is not to be missed. For an immersive experience, I recommend dining at the counters where you can also view other live seafood on display. Watch out for the crowds which can get especially hectic towards the late morning! 




Maguro (¥2,000)



Raw Oyster (¥1,200)

This is not a be-all and end-all list, as there are many more gastronomic finds at this beloved foodies’ spot. Come (early) on an empty stomach and you will not be disappointed! Do avoid Wednesdays, though, as most stalls are closed mid-week. 


Address: 4 Chome-13 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Google Maps
Nearest Train Station: Tsukiji Station



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