When in Tokyo: Staying at the Muji Hotel @ Ginza, Chuo City – Everyone’s Favourite Japanese Lifestyle Brand

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a living, breathing catalogue of your favourite lifestyle brand? Well, now you can at the Muji Hotel in Ginza, Tokyo


Following the success of its sister hotels in Beijing and Shenzhen, China, Muji Hotel’s third outpost opened its “doors” above the Muji Ginza Flagship Store in 2019. It’s a fairly new addition to the glitzy neighbourhood, one that claims to prize affordability amongst other luxury hotels.

As a longtime Muji fan, I knew I had to check it out. After all, what’s better than the chance to “test drive” the brand’s products before committing to a purchase at the retail levels? 

Muji Hotel Ginza consists of 79 rooms spread across 4 to 5 levels, with various sizes and layouts for your choosing. Room C (¥33,900 per night) is the most common one with 44 rooms available. While Room A is the smallest and lowest priced (¥18,900 per night).


Room C – the most common room at Muji Hotel Ginza

Suffice it to say, every room bears the Muji hallmark, from the minimalist, wood-themed furnishings down to the white ceramic cups and plates and inviting, warm lights that would not look out of place at an actual showroom. It is, a livable showroom

While I was initially concerned about the narrowness of Room C, as it was presented as a long, uninterrupted space similar to a corridor, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in the corner room, which meant scoring an L-shaped space. Nevertheless, it felt surprisingly spacious, no doubt a result of the minimalist furnishings and clever use of light. 


I especially appreciated how Muji Hotel’s team successfully utilised hidden spaces, which meant fewer encounters with my messy luggage and ahem excessive shopping bags. 



The look and feel of Muji Hotel Ginza is a blend of Japanese tradition and modernity. Sleeping areas are fitted with bedlights and controls so you need not lift a finger to adjust your room lights. I personally loved the Huawei MatePad which allowed for easy control of the room’s temperature, lighting, and even curtains…. as well as the ability to call for various services with the tap of a button!

Pro-tip for heavy sleepers: you can also set your morning alarm to automatically switch on all lights and draw the curtains! 

Muji Hotel Ginza is also big on eco-friendliness, which means a full change of bed sheets every 3 days and a replenishing of amenities after each day. You can also request your preferred level of cleaning via MatePad. 

Aside from a comfortable abode, a night at the Muji Hotel Ginza also includes various creature comforts and amenities, some of which are free to take home! My deepest regret is not giving the pajama set a try till my very last night… SO COMFORTABLE AND AIRY. Sadly, these are not free to take home but, you should definitely snag a set or two from the store. 

While Muji is renowned for its minimalist furniture and home accessories, did you know that it also produces its home brand of snacks and pre-packaged foods (even freeze-dried udon)? You can find packages of cookies and bottled oolong tea in your room on check-in.  



Speaking of food, breakfast is available at WA, Muji Hotel’s restaurant. For ¥2,000 per pax, you can sample some decent offerings of Japanese and Western staples, such as pancakes and udon. And if you’re still feeling peckish, there’s also the bakery on the ground floor, and Muji Diner which is open from 7.30am! 


Breakfast (¥2,000)




After braving the bustle of the Muji Ginza Flagship Store, stepping into the sixth level where the “hotel” part of the building begins, is like stepping into a tranquil room for relaxation. Chill by the cozy corner filled with various books by the lobby, or unwind over a tipple at the Salon.


Last but not least, have a gander through Atelier Muji, a space that hosts monthly exhibitions. Tokyo Modernism 2023, which is running till mid-June 2023, offers an interesting look at various chair designs (some of which I’m bookmarking for my future home!). 


Muji Hotel Ginza has been one of my priciest hotel stays in all my travels. But, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and it’s worth a night or two especially if you’re a fan of the brand! 


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Address: MUJI Ginza Flagship Store, Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 3 Chome−3−5 6F
Google Maps
Nearest Train Station: Ginza Station/ Ginza-itchome Station/ Yūrakuchō Station 
Contact:+81 3 3538 6101/ Website



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