10 Singapore Cafes with Instagram Worthy Tabletops for #Flatlay Addicts

Flatlays. They’re all the rage on Instagram, whether you’re showing off your latest fashion haul or a #blessed weekend brunch with your BFFs.

Of course, it’s not enough to nail that killer arrangement of whatever you’re trying to show off; a good backdrop can make or break your #flatlay, too.

So to help you Instagrammers out there, I’ve compiled a list of cafes in Singapore with Instagram worthy table tops for your photo taking needs.

(You can take your food off the floor now.)

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What Went Down on McDonald’s Place’s Last Day (aka Farewell King Albert Park)


This is McDonald’s Place. Or as many like to call it, King Albert Park. Home to the McD’s headquarters, along with a handful of F&B businesses, namely, Spinelli Coffee, Island Creamery, and Cinta Manis. Oh, and not forgetting, a Cold Storage supermarket.

Two weeks ago, though, (16 March, to be precise) this iconic building closed its doors for the last time in lieu of new residential and commercial premises headed its way, prompting many Singaporeans to make their way there in the name of One Last Meal under the country’s most beloved golden arches. That, and snapping a few keepsake photos before the place closed for good.

So here’s my re-telling of what went down on King Albert Park’s last day in pictures! 😀 

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Contrast (Hong San See @ Mohamed Sultan Road)

I visited Hong San See a while back with the intention of test shooting a roll of Neopan 400. 

Getting there was easy, and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon exploring the temple grounds by myself – until a groundskeeper scared the living daylights out of me by appearing out of nowhere and gruffly informing me that he would be locking up soon.

With limited time left on the Temple of Phoenix Hill, I stepped outside and snapped a couple of photos of the temple’s exterior as a memento of my time there, before climbing down the long flight of stairs to lower ground.

It wasn’t until I had sent the entire roll for development and scanning, that I could see the products of my “photo walk”. Ah, such is the anticipation that is heightened only by the process of film photography. 😉


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My DIY Gakkenflex TLR

I received a DIY Gakkenflex TLR Camera from a good friend of mine on my 21st birthday, and I’ve only gotten round to shooting two rolls of film on it ever since.

Well, one and a half, to be exact.

You see, I’m not one who’s into the whole fix-it-yourself-with-nothing-but-a-Japanese-manual business (although it was my friend’s way of introducing me to analog photography). So it took a while before I got round to fixing up about a quarter, before my lovely friends took over and settled the rest (amazingly with half the moaning and whinging I did). 😀


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Follow the Yellow Paneled Ceiling (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences @ NUS)

I made a trip back to my old school, NUS, shortly after I graduated, armed with little more than my trusty Leica IIIF RD and a mental map of all the places I intended to visit and photograph.

Call me crazy for making that oh so dreaded Journey to the West, but there was no way I could stop myself after reading the umpteenth article about how places on this sunny island are constantly changing (no thanks to a relentless effort to drive our country to modernity).

Being the sentimental person that I am, I wanted nothing more than to snap an album full of pictures before it undergoes a complete face lift over the next decade.


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