What Went Down on McDonald’s Place’s Last Day (aka Farewell King Albert Park)


This is McDonald’s Place. Or as many like to call it, King Albert Park. Home to the McD’s headquarters, along with a handful of F&B businesses, namely, Spinelli Coffee, Island Creamery, and Cinta Manis. Oh, and not forgetting, a Cold Storage supermarket.

Two weeks ago, though, (16 March, to be precise) this iconic building closed its doors for the last time in lieu of new residential and commercial premises headed its way, prompting many Singaporeans to make their way there in the name of One Last Meal under the country’s most beloved golden arches. That, and snapping a few keepsake photos before the place closed for good.

So here’s my re-telling of what went down on King Albert Park’s last day in pictures! 😀 


Coincidentally, 16 March also marked the day when the long awaited rain came. But that didn’t stop people from coming in droves (or posing for a picture outside with umbrella in tow).


At the steps leading up to McDonald’s, a crowd had gathered for a last picture with the iconic statues of Ronald McDonald and co.


There was nary a moment for those statues to bask in the receding sunlight on their very last day without someone barging in with their camera. Poor ol’ Ronald had to endure the weight of a hundred bottoms on his lap – scratch that, half a lap – for a good part of the day.

Really, it was like an unofficial Meet & Greet amongst the McFans. But just for posterity, here’s one of the McGang chilling out on the country’s hottest staircase (minus a couple of Fry Kids that were pried away from Hamburglar’s side a while back):



And because King Albert Park was the hangout spot for many a student, it’s no surprise that a other outlets in the vicinity took a few juvenile jests in the – oh, never mind.


Inside McDonald’s, Singaporeans came by the hundreds to bid this 20 year old outlet goodbye. The front counter became a mosh pit of customers who had braved the rain (and for some, an hour long train ride) to pay tribute to King Albert Park in the best way possible: through their bellies. Overcooked burger patties and cholesterol ridden fries never. Tasted. So. Good.


Outside, though, it was a facade of bliss. Ronald McDonald chilled out next to the bright yellow M as though he was the king of the world (and rightly so). It was as though he had no idea that his beloved kingdom was to be torn down the next day.

Or maybe he decided to put on a brave smile for his visiting subjects.


While Hamburglar stopped to smell the roses one last time before he was mercilessly pried away in the name of progress.


Farewell, King Albert Park (and all the good businesses you hosted in your time), you’ll be sorely missed.

I may not have been one of the many NP, HCJC, NJC, ACJC, CHS, NYGS, and MGS students who spent their after school hours here, but like many Singaporeans, I too lament the passing of another great architectural icon in our fast changing landscape. Perhaps one day, we’ll see you again – in the form of a hologram that pops up with the push of a button. But you and I know that it will never quite be the same.


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