Krispy Kreme @ Income at Raffles Opening (Invite)

Having bound myself to a desk job for the past eleven months, there’s nothing that I crave more than a sugar rush every day. There’s something about the sweet, sweet taste of a sugary treat that makes it so gratifying amid impending deadlines. 😉

Luckily for office dwellers at Singapore’s Central Business District, Krispy Kreme has opened its second outlet at Income at Raffles, meaning that doughnut-craving customers around Raffles can get their fix any time, whether it’s a quick snack between meetings or an after work binge. As expected, Krispy Kreme’s second store opened to much fan fare, including a public teaser and a couple of social media campaigns that built up to it (more on that later!).


Arriving at their premises, the grand opening was already in full swing, with a couple of mandatory speeches about the chain’s ever-growing presence on our sunny island. And of course, who could forget the crowning of the Golden Ticket winner for being the first in line at the CBD’s most highly anticipated store (and who also walked away with a year’s supply of free doughnuts)?  😀


Golden Ticket winner Mark Lin picking his sweet dozen; I wonder what was among his choices!

On top of that, Krispy Kreme has rolled out four new flavours under the Choco Mania menu, which includes Caramel Meringue Decadence, Icing Chocolate Curls, Chocolate Cookie Crunch and Double Chocolate Custard. No prizes for guessing which palate Krispy Kreme’s trying to reach out to this time. 😛

Here’s my verdict on two flavours I tried! 😀


The Icing Chocolate Curls is like a double whammy of chocolate and sugar. Biting into that dough, I could literally feel my tastebuds getting overwhelmed by a strong, almost cloying taste of cocoa. Make no mistake, this is the doughnut you would wanna get your hands on if drowning in the chocolate lake at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is your idea of heaven. (But hey, I’m not judging). With that much flavour stealing the show, I almost doubt the need for any sprinkles or glaze on top; it seems like needless extravagance. Just saying. 😛


But if that’s not enough chocolate for you, look out for the Double Chocolate Custard. Oozing chocolate and custard cream from the minute we cut into it, this doughnut perfectly encapsulates that school of thought that thinks that you can’t have too much of a good thing (said school of thoughtsmight have a considerable number on its side when it comes to this). The custard itself was creamy, and had a rich chocolate taste. Though I’d highly recommend that you have a glass of water nearby to combat that chocolate overload.


Talking about new additions to the Krispy Kreme flavour spectrum, there’s also a special flavour going on sale for the month; I’m talking about the Jenny Lim, named after the winner of Krispy Kreme’s Office Heroes contest. Talk about scoring bragging rights with your ultimate favourite doughnut chain. How many of us can say that we’ve had a whole doughnut named after ourselves?! 😉

The Jenny Lim sold out within 2 hours of the opening, and it’s not hard to see why. Sure, it may have looked like any other fancy doughnut on Krispy Kreme’s shelves, but who can miss that delectable Oreo cookie sitting snug in the middle? Definitely puts a different crunch on an otherwise ordinary doughnut.


These doughnuts are still high on the sugar meter and might have a ways to go before they hit the right balance between dough and sweet. But if the crowds at their newest outlet are anything to go by, it’s safe to say that the double K is here to stay. A little bird told me there are a couple more outlets on shelves, and I’m quite excited to see where this chain is headed to next. 😀


Much thanks to Krispy Kreme for hosting us! 😉


01-11/12 Income at Raffles
16 Collyer Quay

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