When in Tokyo: Ikumimama Animal Doughnuts @ Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki – Kawaii Animal Doughnuts

Insanely cute and delicious to boot, animal doughnuts have become synonymous with Japanese bakeries since capturing the Internet a decade ago. While wandering through Ikebukuro Station, I chanced upon a popup counter by Ikunimama Animal Doughnuts, a local doughnut store located in Kawasaki


According to their Instagram page, the store can often be found roving around various train stations in Tokyo, so you might just stumble upon one if you’re lucky!

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When in Tokyo: Mrs Charlotte Food Truck – Lavender-Themed Ice Cream and Drinks, Available Only on Weekends

Modern food trucks are all the rage in Tokyo, with several offering various cuisines from Mexican and Middle Eastern, to even Singaporean. Mrs Charlotte is one such food truck known for its eclectic, pastel-themed desserts. 


Not only is Mrs Charlotte a hit among locals, it’s also fairly elusive, open only on selected weekends for up to five hours. One reviewer reportedly took three attempts before being able to get her hands on the sought-after crepes and ice cream. 

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Ceres Haus @ Circular Road, Raffles Place – Speakeasy-Style Cafe By Day and Wine Bar By Night

I have a soft spot for understated cafes like Dapper Coffee and the now-defunct RONIN, with their barebones decor and unpretentious offerings. So when Ceres Haus popped up on my radar, I knew I had to check it out. 


Situated on Circular Road above MISFITS, Ceres Haus offers no indication of its existence in this neighbourhood of eateries and seedy bars, save for a bottle and coffee cup labeled with its name. Looking back on it, the combination of said “decor” indicates Ceres Haus’ business as a cafe by day and wine bar by night. 

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Tigerlily Patisserie @ Joo Chiat Road, Joo Chiat – Intricate Desserts and Pastries by Ex-Les Amis and Tarte Chef

With the pandemic putting a damper on eating out and cafe-hopping, it’s heartening to see home-based bakers expanding from online storefronts to brick-and-mortar setups. 

Tigerlilly Patisserie, headed by ex-Vianney Massot Restaurant pastry chef Naxine Ngooi, has joined the burgeoning enclave of foodie spots on Joo Chiat Road, a stone’s throw away from Da Dong Prawn Noodles. 


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Oaks Coffee Co. @ Upper Thomson Road – Aesthetically-Pleasing Brunch Dishes and Coffees

Upper Thomson Road has come into its own as a destination for hip cafes and notable eateries. And with the recent opening of the Thomson East Coast Line making it more accessible, there’s no excuse to not go exploring.  

Oaks Coffee Co., opened by the team behind The Kins’ at Pasir Panjang, has joined the burgeoning cafe scene on the upper-east side of Singapore. 


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