TomorrowFree Kafei @ Irving Place – Taking Singapore’s Food Culture Back to its Traditional Roots (Invite)

With its decidedly Singlish name and locally-slanted menu, TomorrowFree Kafei stands out from the belt of Western cafes in Irving Place. It’s a known fact that this place has injected Tai Seng with a bit of Singapore’s cafe culture, so why is this family-run eatery choosing to run the other direction with food that most would say “eh my mother can cook leh”?

Owner Steven Oh believes in evoking the fond memories of yesteryears through home-cooked goodness, hence his desire to preserve the cultures and flavours passed down from previous generations – with a few twists of his own.

(photo credit: Hazel) 

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Wanton @ Amoy Street – Seng’s Noodle Bar with the Bad Boy Vibe

You’ll be forgiven if you didn’t know that Wanton serves that – wanton noodles. Tucked away in a row of shophouses adjacent to Amoy Street Food Centre, this 20-seater noodle concept by Seng’s rocks a modern bar vibe complete with monochrome banner, smooth beats and tattoo-ed guys behind the counter.

At less than five days old, this noodle bar is already drawing large crowds, having frequently chalked up a full house during the lunch hour. Word has it that Chef Benson spent a year training under the legendary Ah Seng himself before he went on to open Wanton.

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Rollie Olie @ Star Vista – Fusion Food in Pretty Packages

The last time I heard the name Rollie Olie (or rather, Rolie Polie Olie), it was on one of those kids TV channels way back. Now, it seems that an Asian fusion eatery has surfaced at Star Vista.

Well I’m a fan of sushi and all their sushi rolls feature my favourite avocado, so I’m not complaining!  😀

It’s no secret that with the explosion of social media, we eat with our eyes before our mouths, and Rollie Olie has got their presentation done right to a T. Even the box that their sushi rolls come in resembles the American takeaway box, in line with the fusion characteristic of the menu.

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C-Side Sentosa @ Siloso Beach Walk (Sugar Rush)

If there’s one thing we can thank Singapore’s weather for, it’s the tropical cheeriness that lasts all year long. And at C-Side Sentosa, summer never ends!

Comprised of five F&B and beach bar outlets, C-Side served as the venue for our second SUGAR RUSH, as well as a new quarterly event called 3BS (more on that later). Having passed the area frequently during my university’s beach orientation games, I jumped at the chance to try their range of bar bites, cocktails and beers.

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The Mama Shop @ Pearl’s Hill Terrace (Closed)

Update 12 Oct 2015: The Mama Shop is closed till further notice. 

It doesn’t get any more old school than this; a 10-seater, retro-style cafe at the Old Police Operational Headquarters, a heritage building off the beaten track from Chinatown. Named after the ubiquitous neighbourhood snacks and trinkets shop, Felicia Chin and Sora Ma’s foray into the cafe business, The Mama Shop, is gaining attention for its blend of local-infused snacks and drinks, as well as a nostalgic array of knick-knacks displayed on its shopfront.

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Fish Tales @ *SCAPE

Cafes and poached eggs may be all the rage now, but there are times when we’d like nothing more than to retreat to some good ol’ fast food after a long and tiring day. Fish Tales, with its plethora of seafood burgers, pastas and more, is one such that place that recently opened in town.

Located on *SCAPE’s second level, which is essentially the ground level just beyond the flea market, the cafe’s sitting area is spread across the far end of the building, making it ideal for a casual meal. Most diners are young adults and adolescents, as befits *SCAPE’s youth oriented vibe.

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