Rollie Olie @ Star Vista – Fusion Food in Pretty Packages

The last time I heard the name Rollie Olie (or rather, Rolie Polie Olie), it was on one of those kids TV channels way back. Now, it seems that an Asian fusion eatery has surfaced at Star Vista.

Well I’m a fan of sushi and all their sushi rolls feature my favourite avocado, so I’m not complaining!  😀

It’s no secret that with the explosion of social media, we eat with our eyes before our mouths, and Rollie Olie has got their presentation done right to a T. Even the box that their sushi rolls come in resembles the American takeaway box, in line with the fusion characteristic of the menu.

Sushi here is categorized in three ways: signature rolls, skinny rolls (for the diet conscious) and sushirittos. Like Maki-San, the flavours have funky names and are reminiscent of American-style sushi we are used to seeing in other Japanese food chains.

Sunkissed Salmon is like a seafood powerhouse of seared salmon, crab meat, and red roe, along with avocado (!!!), cucumber, and jcama. There’s supposed to be tamago, according to the menu, but I didn’t find it anywhere?!

Everything tasted fresh and the wasabe mayo added a spicy kick to it. The salmon was well seared, vegetables were refreshing and crunchy and all that roe on top hit the spot.

I can see why almost everyone is going gaga over it on Instagram. And the colours are just so pretty!

Rollie Olie also serves a variety of starters and the Tuna and Salmon on Sticks is just the prettiest. Reminds me of the fancy cold sides they serve on flights. 😀 This is another hit on Instagram, with fresh fruits and vegetables accompanying hearty chunks of raw fish.

Soup is also available for a dollar and I highly recommend it because why not! Freshly brewed and chock full of ingredients, which you’d hardly expect because it’s so cheap.

Set meals (consisting of half a sushi roll, salad and soup) are available for $12.95 if you’re looking to stretch your dollar at this newly opened joint. Overall, there’s an upbeat feel about this place and with the fantastic food, I’ve high hopes that this is a great addition to Star Vista’s thriving food scene. 😀

Address: The Star Vista 02-05 (outer side of the building, reachable via the escalator nearest to Buona Vista MRT station)
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (daily)
Contact: 6316 5710




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