Percolate @ Bedok North – Heartland Hipster Cafe with a Hip New Makeover

I first visited Percolate back in late 2014; that was when hipster cafes were almost unheard of in the east, but I never got round to penning my thoughts about it. Now that it has undergone a makeover after expanding into the neighbouring space, why not come back and see how the place (and menu) has changed? 😀

The ‘homely’ atmosphere is still there, complete with friendly baristas greeting you from behind the counter. The only thing missing is the ‘cramped’ feel that plagued this otherwise promising space back then, good news for us Easties looking for a place to chill over a cuppa without first having to wait outside for a spot during peak hours!

And more space means more things to sell, too. Check out their coffee merchandise shelves in the newly acquired premises. 😉

Interestingly, while Percolate’s space has expanded, its menu is more or less the same, albeit with a couple of additions. Food is pretty much limited to sandwiches, croissants and sweet bakes, making it more suited for light bites and after-dinner coffee and cakes, especially for diners coming over from the neighbouring Nakhon Kitchen.

I remember the Curry and Egg Mayo Croissant I had previously was incredibly flaky and buttery despite being loaded with ingredients, and I’m glad it’s still the same!

This time round, I had the Smoked Salmon Wasabi Cream Cheese Croissant (wow what a mouthful). Cheese was light and added a kick to this pleasant tasting item but I felt that it needed just one more layer of smoked salmon to make it perfect.

New on the menu, the Coffee Caviar Shooter is actually a dessert, and a very pretty one too. It’s essentially a coffee mousse with whipped cream and tiny coffee balls meant to resemble caviar. Love how the different textures blended together, while the taste remained fairly light and subtle despite at least three layers of coffee packed in one tiny glass!

Percolate ver 2.0 is like your family home post-renovation; it still maintains that feeling of homeliness, but with a more hip appearance. It enjoys a good standing among coffee lovers (though I’ve yet to try it myself) and I’m glad I’ve a spot to chill at, that’s both spacious and cozy. 😉

Address: 136 Bedok North Avenue 3 01-152B
Contact: 8259 0316 or
Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday: 10.30am – 9.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 9.30pm
Closed on Tuesday


Directions: Percolate is accessible from Bedok MRT station via Bus 28 or 67. Board from the stop outside Bedok Mall, alight after 3 stops, cross the road and walk there.


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