When in Phuket: No. 6 Restaurant Up The Hill @ Soi Phabarami – Thai Food with a View in Patong

Regular travellers to Phuket may be familiar with No 6 Restaurant near Bangla Street. But not many would have heard of its new branch located atop a hill at Soi Phabarami. So reclusive is it, that diners still prefer standing in line for a spot in the cramped premises of the original restaurant.

No 6 Restaurant Patong Phuket

Having heard of the many tourist-targeted scams in Patong, we were initially wary when a non-uniformed staff member approached us with a flyer advertising No 6 Restaurant’s hill top branch (we had stepped into a different restaurant with the No 6 signboard earlier that day and we were not taking any chances). However, reading up on TripAdvisor reviews convinced us otherwise, and it wasn’t long before we hopped on the shuttle bus for our last meal in Phuket.

Oh, by “shuttle bus”, I mean a sheltered lorry. And by “on top of a hill”, I mean up a steep slope with lots of sharp bends and turns. Hold on tight!

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When in Phuket: Lhanya BBQ @ Nanai Road – Hidden Gem for Mookata in Patong; Open till 4am

I’m back from a whirlwind weekend trip to Patong, Phuket.  3 rejuvenating days of good company, adrenaline pumping activities (think ATV and white water rafting), roadside shopping, and yes – cheap, good food!

And what better way to start the trip than with mookata right in the country where it originated from?

Mookata, which has its roots in Northern Thailand, means “pork skillet”. Think of it as steamboat meets BBQ, with a shallow trough for boiling vegetables, noodles and seafood while strips of meat sizzles away on a dome-shaped skillet lathered with chunky pork lard pieces. Talk about getting the best of both worlds in one meal!

Lhanya BBQ Mookata Patong Phuket

A quick search on TripAdvisor turned up Lhanya BBQ as one of the go-to places for mookata in Patong. As it was monsoon season, we were almost deterred by the heavy downpour – that and the fact that only 2 of us had packed an umbrella for the trip. But as they say, no pain, no gain!

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Tok Panjang Cafe @ East Coast Road – House of Peranakan Group Brings All-Day Nonya Dining to Katong (Invite)

Mention Peranakan cuisine and the word “comfort” comes to mind – tables filled to the brim with mom or grandma’s best dishes for the whole family gathered round.

House of Peranakan Group definitely had this vision in mind when they opened their fourth Tok Panjang Cafe branch along East Coast Road, judging by the homely interior and various knick knacks scattered around the dining tables.

Tok Panjang East Coast Peranakan Cuisine

The place was relatively quiet and empty when I arrived, almost like your forgotten quaint neighbourhood eatery in a time overtaken by fancy cafes with hipster tableware. But as the evening progressed, the crowd swelled and Tok Panjang transformed into a lively bistro, almost like your typical family reunion!

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Konnichiwa, Kansai! Gudetama Cafe @ HEP FIVE, Osaka – Sanrio’s Laziest Egg Gets Its Own Cafe

So… if you’ve noticed, I did not write at all last month, which I’ve never done before as I’ve always intended to keep this blog busy with new reviews, lists and so on since I started. Well, that’s because I was busy planning for my trip to Kansai, Japan!

This trip is a first in many ways for me – the first time I’ve travelled solo for the entire leg, and the first time I abandoned the tried and tested hotels and stayed all by my lonesome in an Airbnb apartment.

I was super duper excited planning my itinerary and looking up all the places I wanted to go (in Sakura season, no less!), and now I’m even more thrilled to share my solo adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun here. Starting with my very first stop  – Gudetama Cafe at HEP FIVE!


Lethargic, unmotivated, and all around lazy – Gudetama was the perfect embodiment of me physically and mentally given that I started the day right after a red-eye flight. And what better way to celebrate my making it through in one piece than with dinner with everyone’s favourite lazy egg ?

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[MOVED] Angelina @ Capitol Piazza – Historic Parisian Tea House in Singapore

Update June 2020: Angelina has moved to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. 

There are few things quite as charming as tea houses – the elegant furniture, the relaxed atmosphere, the attentive staff in quaint uniforms. And yes, the food. Let’s not forget the food.

Established in 1903 by Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer and named after his daughter in law, Angelina is a Parisian tea house that is renowned for its signature hot chocolate and mont blanc. And just last year, the culinary icon made its way to Singapore, as one of the most highly anticipated F&B openings in the newly refurbished Capitol Piazza.


As I was pretty impressed at the Valentines Day tasting, I decided to return for my birthday lunch last weekend. It also helped that Angelina was one of the few places open during the Chinese New Year long weekend, which was when my birthday fell this year! #firstworldproblems.

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Animal Themed Manju by Namikoshiken @ Aichi, Nagoya – Too Cute to be Eaten

If life is like a box of chocolates, cute is a box of these manju from Nagoya.

Founded in 1927, Japanese confectionery Namikoshiken 浪越軒 has been producing tons of traditional sweets – but none of them have come close to winning the Internet over like their animal themed buns!


When I read about them on RocketNews24, one of my go-to sources for all things Japanese, I absolutely had to get my hands on them. Thanks to a friend who was travelling to Singapore, I managed to snag a 12-pc Handmade Zoo (“Tetzukuri Dobutsuen”) box from their online store on Rakuten!

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