[MOVED] Angelina @ Capitol Piazza – Historic Parisian Tea House in Singapore

Update June 2020: Angelina has moved to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. 

There are few things quite as charming as tea houses – the elegant furniture, the relaxed atmosphere, the attentive staff in quaint uniforms. And yes, the food. Let’s not forget the food.

Established in 1903 by Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer and named after his daughter in law, Angelina is a Parisian tea house that is renowned for its signature hot chocolate and mont blanc. And just last year, the culinary icon made its way to Singapore, as one of the most highly anticipated F&B openings in the newly refurbished Capitol Piazza.


As I was pretty impressed at the Valentines Day tasting, I decided to return for my birthday lunch last weekend. It also helped that Angelina was one of the few places open during the Chinese New Year long weekend, which was when my birthday fell this year! #firstworldproblems.


Done in Belle Époque style, the interior exudes an old world charm reminiscent of black and white movies. The space is a tad cramped with tables, and I imagine it would be difficult to carry a conversation during the restaurant’s peak hours.


As we arrived pretty late into the lunch service, we were famished and decided to indulge and get a main and a dessert each. Hey, why not treat yourself when it’s your birthday and the long weekend, amirite? 😉

Not one to venture far from the beaten track taste-wise, my mom had Fettuccine with Tiger Prawn ($24). Her verdict? The pasta was a perfect al dente, and the prawns succulent with a satisfyingly crunchy shell. Plus points for the excellent flavour from the basil pesto and parmesan cheese!

And this coming from someone whose standards for pasta dishes are ridiculously sky high. So, well done Angelina for impressing a fussy lady’s tastebuds!


The Beef Cube Roll with Roasted Potatoes ($35) that my dad had was another insanely delicious offering by Angelina. The sheer juiciness of 170 days grain fed Australian Angus elevated by the red wine veal jus – SO SO GOOD. 


Being a diehard seafood lover, I went straight for the Pan Fried Scallops with Black Venere Rice and Shellfish Cream ($29). The aroma of fresh seafood when it arrived at our table was simply overpowering, but in a good way! The succulence of the scallops paired well with the crunchiness of the rice, too.

The shellfish cream, which is meant to be poured over the scallops and rice, was a buttery smooth infusion that added a savoury touch to the rice – pour it sparingly, though.


Even though our mains filled our tummies quite well, there was no way we were walking out of Angelina without sampling their legendary desserts.

The Eclair mont-blanc ($12) packed just the right amount of sweetness in its chestnut cream vermicelli and light chestnut mousse filling. Look at how perfectly the vermicelli swirls around the choux pastry! I could just sit there all day admiring it.


AND I think I’ve found my new favourite dessert – the poetically named Flore ($13) that was sweet both in name and in form.

Made with a light vanilla mousse and a raspberry heart centre, the cake resembles a red blooming rose – perfect for an intimate afternoon tea with your beloved! Each bite of vanilla was decadently sweet, complemented by the spunky tang of raspberry cream. Louis Armstrong’s La Vie En Rose came to mind as I reluctantly peeled it layer by layer with my fork – or should I say, petal by petal. 😉

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me, heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I’m in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

And when you speak, angels, sing from above
Everyday words seem
To turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose


Coupled with the attentive, yet non-intrusive service, Angelina has gone straight to my list of all-time favourite restaurants. The hype has somewhat cooled in the recent months, but I very highly recommend it if you’re looking for a place to indulge your senses, or just while away an afternoon over tea and cake.

After all, if this historic tea room has stayed true to its chocolate recipe for the past 110 years, there’s no doubt that its culinary artistry can stand the test of time… and other food fads. 🙂

Read my Valentines Day review here

Address: Capitol Piazza 01-82
Contact: 6384 0481
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Extra charges: GST and service charge

Directions: Alight at City Hall MRT (EW 13/ NS 25) and take Exit B towards Capitol Piazza. Take the escalator to the ground level and exit. Angelina is located behind the waterfall, next to the Capitol Theatre sign.


2 thoughts on “[MOVED] Angelina @ Capitol Piazza – Historic Parisian Tea House in Singapore

    • Melissa says:

      Haha really? I read quite favourable reviews online before going.. maybe it’s because we were one of the few diners at that time.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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