Konnichiwa, Kansai! Gudetama Cafe @ HEP FIVE, Osaka – Sanrio’s Laziest Egg Gets Its Own Cafe

So… if you’ve noticed, I did not write at all last month, which I’ve never done before as I’ve always intended to keep this blog busy with new reviews, lists and so on since I started. Well, that’s because I was busy planning for my trip to Kansai, Japan!

This trip is a first in many ways for me – the first time I’ve travelled solo for the entire leg, and the first time I abandoned the tried and tested hotels and stayed all by my lonesome in an Airbnb apartment.

I was super duper excited planning my itinerary and looking up all the places I wanted to go (in Sakura season, no less!), and now I’m even more thrilled to share my solo adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun here. Starting with my very first stop  – Gudetama Cafe at HEP FIVE!


Lethargic, unmotivated, and all around lazy – Gudetama was the perfect embodiment of me physically and mentally given that I started the day right after a red-eye flight. And what better way to celebrate my making it through in one piece than with dinner with everyone’s favourite lazy egg ?

Yes, I say dinner with, because… well, look at all ’em plushies stacked around the cafe! I even grabbed one to be my dinner date and stuck it across the table.


I can almost hear poor Gudetama complaining. “Do I have tooooo?”



I have never walked into a cafe and found myself surrounded by so many stuffed toys. Even in Japan.


Unsurprisingly, everything on the menu is Gudetama related. Even the main components of each dish is egg based. Flipping through the menu, it was pretty interesting to see Gudetama’s various incarnations on the plate!


The Gude White Curry (1,000¥) is easily the most popular dish, with nearly every table ordering one serving, and I can see why. Look how cute it is!

Yellow rice shaped into a massive Gudetama, topped with his signature ham blanket, on a bed of creamy curry and colourful vegetables – even the vegetables looked like they came straight out of a Gudetama cartoon still!

Taste wise, I was pretty surprised at how the yellow rice was slightly spicy, kind of like the briyani rice at home. It was also a tad dry, probably from sitting in a Gudetama shaped lump for so long. And that small strip of bacon was the only portion of meat on the entire plate!  The curry helped moisten the rice a little, but judging by the rice to curry ratio…hur hur. Clearly, it was more for the sake of pictures. Not that anyone appeared to mind, though!


Gudetama, the embodiment of everyone on Monday morning.


As I had a very heavy main course, I settled on something light for dessert – the Gude Mont Blanc Pudding (650¥)Simple, sweet and satisfying, although the mont blanc looked a little… collapsed. Probably in line with Gudetama’s floppiness?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that yellow circle on the cup is actually jelly shaped in the form of Gudetama’s body. How much more detailed can the Japanese get?!

The staff also asked if I wanted dessert served separately and I said yes. They must have been watching discreetly cos they brought it out just as I was about to be done with my main course! Attentive or what?


And just to ensure that your appetite for Gudetama is completely satisfied, there’s even a TV playing Gudetama’s cartoons on loop – many of which can be found on YouTube, by the way. Spot your favourite one!



While the food is not exactly outstanding – more of a cartoon related gimmick, I dare say it fares pretty well as a character cafe. There was even a seasonal menu for Easter when I visited. Don’t forget to pick up some Gudetama merchandise before you leave!

Address: HEP FIVE Shopping Center 7F
Contact: 06-6366-3694
Opening hours: 11am – 10.30pm (last order at 9.30pm)


Read about the rest of my Kansai trip here: 


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