Konnichiwa, Kansai! Feeding the Deer @ Nara Park

While researching my trip to Osaka and Kyoto, I realised that there are many cities in the Kansai region within easy reach of my home base in Osaka – no thanks to Japan’s ultra connected and idiot proof transportation system.

Yes, while the train system looks hellishly complicated at first glance, it’s possible to hop from city to city with one eye closed (the other on your Hyperdia app, of course, but that’s a post for another day). 😉

And so I spent my first proper day in Japan feeding the famous – or infamous, depending on what you’ve heard – sika deer in Nara Park!


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Konnichiwa, Kansai! Gudetama Cafe @ HEP FIVE, Osaka – Sanrio’s Laziest Egg Gets Its Own Cafe

So… if you’ve noticed, I did not write at all last month, which I’ve never done before as I’ve always intended to keep this blog busy with new reviews, lists and so on since I started. Well, that’s because I was busy planning for my trip to Kansai, Japan!

This trip is a first in many ways for me – the first time I’ve travelled solo for the entire leg, and the first time I abandoned the tried and tested hotels and stayed all by my lonesome in an Airbnb apartment.

I was super duper excited planning my itinerary and looking up all the places I wanted to go (in Sakura season, no less!), and now I’m even more thrilled to share my solo adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun here. Starting with my very first stop  – Gudetama Cafe at HEP FIVE!


Lethargic, unmotivated, and all around lazy – Gudetama was the perfect embodiment of me physically and mentally given that I started the day right after a red-eye flight. And what better way to celebrate my making it through in one piece than with dinner with everyone’s favourite lazy egg ?

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Hello Hokkaido! Lavender Season @ Farm Tomita, Furano

All right, all right, I hear ye. I’ve noticed a surge in readership for my Hokkaido posts as of late, which means… holiday season is around the corner!

It looks like Japan is one of the hottest destinations for the summer, so here’s a major throwback to the highlight of my Hokkaido trip last year, when I visited the breathtaking flower fields at Farm Tomita, Furano.

Getting there was easy enough; we opted for the Chuo Bus Tour (link below) which took us around various places of interest besides Farm Tomita. The drawback is the limited amount of time you get to spend at each place, but I was suppose that’s a toss-up between a luxury of time and convenience. (I would seriously recommend driving over if you can, because you might wanna spend more than an hour frolicking amongst the gardens, just saying!)

When we arrived, I was simply awestruck by the sheer magnitude of flowers blooming, even though it was very early in the season.

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Hello Hokkaido! Ishiya Chocolate Factory & Shiroi Koibito Park

When you live in the tropics, there’s not much you can glean off the supposed winter season that graces other continents. You can, however, experience the cold winds of the monsoon season come December – what we fondly refer to as sweater weather. 😉

For me, sweater weather ignites a particular (okay, year-long) craving…for the comforting taste of chocolate! So today’s post is a little throwback to one of my absolute favourite place to visit in Hokkaido, Ishiya Chocolate Factory. 🙂

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[CLOSED] Come ALIVE! 7 ways to make the most of your visit to Alive Museum Singapore @ Suntec City (OMY Blog Club)

Update June 2020: Alive Museum has closed.

Us Singaporeans love taking selfies, but we love taking selfies in themed locations even more. Just look at the number of people queuing for a snap with a cutesy mascot and some snazzy props at any event or theme park! 😀

Making snap-happy visitors even happier, Korea’s hugely popular Alive Museum has transplanted itself to the heart of Singapore (Suntec City, to be precise) with a “specialty” in local-themed installations.

Judging by the explosion of Alive Museum related blog posts, Instagram snaps and Facebook albums, it’s no wonder that this 3D illusory attraction is quickly becoming one of our must-dos in Singapore. So before you check it out with your camera in tow, here are 7 ways to make the most of your visit:

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Pokémon Cup Noodles from Pokémon Centre

It’s no secret of mine that I’m absolutely obsessed with Pokémon, ever since those animated monsters hit my television screen some fourteen years back. With Pikachu and gang dominating the anime industry ever since, it’s no surprise that they would have their own instant cup noodles alongside their already massive line of games, shows and merchandise.

The concept of these instant noodles is no stranger to the otaku world, really – just replace the regular kamaboko (boiled fish paste) with prints of the character in question. But since I had never seen them before, I was pretty excited – gotta eat ‘em all, I guess! 😀

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Hello Hokkaido! Kitakaro Cafe 北果楼 @ Sakaimachi Street, Otaru

Japanese cream puffs. They taste like heaven, cherub’s kisses, and sweet dreams come true. Okay, I may have exaggerated a little, but that’s the feeling I get whenever I bite into one of ‘em pastries: soft, puffy shell with rich cream, fresh custard and I think I just drooled over my keyboard typing that last sentence.

And then, there’s Kitakaro Cafe’s cream puffs.

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