Pokémon Cup Noodles from Pokémon Centre

It’s no secret of mine that I’m absolutely obsessed with Pokémon, ever since those animated monsters hit my television screen some fourteen years back. With Pikachu and gang dominating the anime industry ever since, it’s no surprise that they would have their own instant cup noodles alongside their already massive line of games, shows and merchandise.

The concept of these instant noodles is no stranger to the otaku world, really – just replace the regular kamaboko (boiled fish paste) with prints of the character in question. But since I had never seen them before, I was pretty excited – gotta eat ‘em all, I guess! 😀

In line with Pokémon X and Y being the newest releases in the Nintendo games series, we have Mega Mewtwo and Lucario on the lid art, which is designed in similar fashion to a pokéball.

No Pokémon merchandise is legit unless it bears the ubiquitous and iconic Pikachu!

A preview of what ’em noodles are supposed to look like on the lid art (as with all instant noodles), but skeptical me thinks it remains to be seen whether the contents live up to the photo. There’s only one way to tell:

Ta-dahh! A burst of the seasoning’s aroma accompanied with a surprise – a mini trading card. 😀

Pre-seasoned, regular looking noodles with Pikachu and Froakie printed kamaboko. I’m really digging how detailed they are; they’ve got both starter Pokémon’s expression down pat! 😛

The noodles themselves aren’t too bad; the broth is a light soy flavour and not as dense as the regular Nissin cup noodles I usually have. Overall a really cool breakfast or supper item even if you’re not a hardcore otaku. 😛 Save those kamaboko for last!

As with regular merchandise, Pokémon Cup Noodles can be found at any one of the Pokémon Centres in Japan. I would suggest bringing back one or two if you’ve young ones (or aspiring Pokémon masters) back home, otherwise, you can get them online at sites like these.


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