Hello Hokkaido! From Singapore to Sapporo

I’m bubbling with excitement as I write this post, as I’m venturing into yet another topic on this humble blog of mine, and that is one of my pet loves, travel! 😀 Well, what’s life without exploring new things now and then? 😉

Speaking of new things, I finally realised my dream of travelling to Hokkaido with my family last week, ever since I learnt about its abundance of fresh seafood, scenic spots, and fresh seafood at scenic spots. Sadly, I didn’t get to travel last year due to time and financial constraints, but as they say, better late than never aye? 😛

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Up, Up and Away: The Singapore Flyer

As someone who has spent her entire life cooped up in an urban jungle, I’ve never been a huge fan of observation towers. Whether it’s the N Seoul Tower in South Korea or the iconic Tokyo Tower in Japan, the idea of paying to take an elevator all the way up just to gaze down on an overcrowded city dwelling hardly appeals to me.

Having scored free unlimited rounds on the Singapore Flyer with my F1 pass a few weeks ago, though, I decided to check it out to see what the hype was all about!


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