[MOVED] Valentines Day Menu @ Angelina (Invite)

Update June 2020: Angelina has moved to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Angelina, the Parisian tearoom favoured by icons like Proust and Coco Chanel, is wooing diners in Singapore with a Valentines Day menu from 12th to 14th February. Fans of the old world elegance exuded by French cuisine can enjoy a romantic 3-course meal tailored specially for the occasion.


Diners begin the meal with a selection of amuse bouche – appetisers that chart the flavour profile of the later courses. This plate looks like a chef’s canvas!


There isn’t an order of eating it per se, so eat it any way you want! I started with the Avocado Cold Soup with Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche, which stood out the most to me (and partly because I’m a huge avocado fan). The soup was refreshingly chilled with a subtle taste of avocado, while the scallop had a satisfyingly chewy texture.

For a classic combination of sweet and salty, there’s the simple-but-never-fails Jamon Bellota and Rock Melon. 

Flavour wise, the one that packed the most punch was the Beetroot & Feta Ravioli with Herring Caviar – the sour tang of beetroot contrasted with the saltiness of the feta and caviar. 


I guess that was a sign of what was to come in the Yellowfin Tuna au Poivre with Tangy Angelina Tea Granite, Baby Vegetables, and Creme Fraiche. This cold appetiser will appeal to you if you liked the beetroot ravioli, although I found the tanginess a tad overwhelming.

The yellowfin tuna, on the other hand, was overpowered by the thick layer of pepper around it – pity since it’s decently fresh on its own. The creme fraiche helped a little though.


For a hot alternative, there’s the White Onion Soup with Truffle Ravioli and Truffle Oil. One thing that stood out to me was – you guessed it – the overwhelming aroma of truffle oil when this dish was brought to the table!

The soup itself was hearty and wholesome, with a creamy texture that spelt comfort. The ravioli was not bad too. I definitely preferred this starter.

This year, diners get to have their main course served on a Villeroy & Boch plate, designed after the Old Luxembourg collection which made its debut in 1768. After the meal, this elegant piece of history will be yours for $49, instead of the usual $70. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? 😉


Out of the three main courses available, I found the Pan Seared Fjord Trout to be the most beautifully plated – look at all those colours!

Served with baby squids, cauliflower puree, brussels sprout leaves and squid ink aioli, Angelina’s seafood option was prepared almost to perfection. The skin was perfectly crisp and the flesh tender. My only complaint was that after a few bites, the saltiness got to me and I found myself reaching for my glass of water throughout the course.


Don’t be fooled by the simple facade of the Classic Chicken Supreme. So well marinated by the garlic and thyme concoction, that it yields an almost buttery smooth texture when I cut into it. I almost squealed in delight when I bit into the chicken – so moist and flavourful!

It’s also served with a chorizo and potato mash, which explains the red tint and somewhat crunchy texture.


Last but definitely not least, the Beef Cheek pot au feu. Like the Chicken Supreme, the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the beef cheek was to die for! I had great pleasure watching my knife and fork sink into the flesh and pull it apart, morsel by morsel as I savoured this plate of heaven. Top it off with the asparagus mousseline, hazelnut emulsion and asparagus pastry, and you’ve yourself a very hearty main course.

The only thing that prevented it from hitting the sweet spot was, again, the overwhelming saltiness of the meat. I felt that this dish would have done so much better otherwise, as it distracted me from the other redeeming elements. Hopefully the chefs paid heed to our feedback and tweaked it.


Of course, there’s always room for dessert. Angelina’s Valentines meal ends on a sweet note with a mini cup of their famous hot chocolate (made from a 110 years old recipe) and their pastry selection.

For this season of love, Angelina’s has created a special version of their Mont-Blanc Framboise, which consists of meringue, light whipped cream, raspberry heart, and chestnut cream vermicelli. For first timers of the Mont-Blanc, Angelina’s raspberry version certainly does not disappoint!


My favourite of the lot, though, has got to be the Cheesecake Citron. The sharp tang of the lemon-lime confit cut through the light almond biscuit, lemon shortbread and cheesecake mousse. Love how contrasting flavours come together in light, tasty desserts like this. 🙂


Those who are craving for a more…complex looking dessert can have the Paris-New York. Personally, I’m not too big on creamy desserts, but the pecan praline light cream was just right. The chou pastry broke apart easily, but as they say – it doesn’t matter how the dessert falls apart, just go for it!


For an intense chocolate experience, the Tarte Tout Chocolat is a must try. Cocoa sweet pastry, praline biscuit, soft dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate icing and cocoa crumble… that’s like chocolate on chocolate on chocolate! Best to savour it slowly.

At $75++, Angelina’s Valentines Day set is worth the bang for your buck, especially when you consider that you’re getting at least 3 courses and a dessert. It’s available for both lunch and dinner, so fret not about planning your day around the meal. Though it had its hits and misses, I’m pretty sure they’ll iron out the kinks in time for the big day – or days.

Thanks to the team at Angelina and Epic PR for generously hosting us!

Address: Capitol Piazza 01-82
Contact: 6384 0481
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Website / Facebook / Instagram 
Valentine’s Day Menu

Extra charges: GST and service charge



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