23 Jumpin @ Irving Place (Sugar)

Mention Tai Seng and the image conjured is that of industrial estates and droll cafeterias; classic Western fare and all-day brunch hardly factor in this neck of the woods.

And yet, just when every upscale neighbourhood and heartland corner finds itself saturated, along comes The Commerze with its smattering of cafes and salad bars. Thanks to Sugar’s search-by-location function, I chanced upon 23 Jumpin’ and decided to check it out.

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Breakfast Pyjama Party @McDonald’s (OMY Blog Club)

If you love McDonalds’ breakfast but hate waking up before noon, I’ve got good news for you: from 1 – 4 January 2015, the Golden Arches will be making their breakfast sets available all day!

Source: Gifatron

For a sneak preview of their All Day Breakfast promotion, McDonald’s is also throwing their first ever Breakfast Pyjama Party tomorrow, with all the works: complimentary breakfast options, sleep accessories and customised breakfast areas for a truly Instagram-worthy breakfast.

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Stranger’s Reunion @ Outram Park

Us Singaporeans sure have a way of making our lives revolve around food; we spend the better half of the morning looking forward to lunch, do most of our socialising over a cuppa – heck, we even make a hobby out of it by way of cafe hopping.

It’s no wonder, then, that places like Stranger’s Reunion have since become synonymous with the coming together of people over a shared love of food. Like a reliable friend who you can always count on, this quaint cafe stayed open during the recent public holiday so off we went to take advantage of the remainder of our long weekend!

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Charlie Brown Cafe @ Orchard Cineleisure

Growing up, if there’s anything I like more than leisurely weekend breakfasts, it’s gotta be the cartoons that they used to air on those mornings. Pokémon, Powerpuff Girls – you name it. Few things were as good as watching my favourite onscreen heroes and heroines with a plateful of home cooked goodness in front of the telly. 😀

With themed cafe’s like the Charlie Brown Cafe at Orchard Cineleisure and 313 Somerset, there’s no need to wait around all week for the opportune moment. At both its alfresco and indoor outlets, the simple-minded, yellow shirt-donning boy stands tall with his pet beagle, promising a slice of childhood for shoppers and office workers alike in Singapore’s busiest commercial district.

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