23 Jumpin @ Irving Place (Sugar)

Mention Tai Seng and the image conjured is that of industrial estates and droll cafeterias; classic Western fare and all-day brunch hardly factor in this neck of the woods.

And yet, just when every upscale neighbourhood and heartland corner finds itself saturated, along comes The Commerze with its smattering of cafes and salad bars. Thanks to Sugar’s search-by-location function, I chanced upon 23 Jumpin’ and decided to check it out.

Characterised by its shoebox size and minimalist interior (think grey walls dotted by naked lightbulbs and simple posters), the cafe is relatively new, with standard salads, pasta and brunch items. Hey, no harm staying on the beaten track, food-wise, right? 

The menu is quick to state that all prices are nett, but this isn’t one of those places where good service disappears despite charging customers. Far from it, as 23’s staff had a sunny disposition throughout and readily took orders at the table. Oh, and you pay at the counter after your meal, so fret not about busting out the wallet if you feel like having more food and drinks midway. 😉

If you, like me, are swinging by for a late lunch and don’t feel that hungry, the Bangers & Mash is a good choice; plump, juicy Bratwurst sausages sitting atop a bed of mashed potato and onion brown sauce. Great for a quick bite or for when you’re craving some simple comfort food. Loved the mash which had a buttery consistency and was well seasoned.


Cappuccino‘s pretty decent, though not the most mind blowing. Did I also mention that the front doors are black tinted? Now you can enjoy your cuppa in privacy while watching the world outside (though there’s not much; it’s an industrial area after all).

23 Jumpin may not have jumped into the cafe scene (ha ha) with bells and whistles. But then again, maybe it doesn’t need to. There’s a kind of charm behind its simplicity that is telling in their food, service and atmosphere. Hopefully, between all that and its reasonable pricing, this newest addition can stand out from its competition and keep its customers happily fed in time to come. 😉

I’ll be back to try the famed Black Volcano Waffle the next time I’m the area, too:

Address: 1 Irving Place, The Commerze Building 01-25
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
Contact: 9137 5697



Alight at Tai Seng MRT (CC 11) and come out via Exit A. Turn left and cross the road.

Turn right and walk to the end of Irving Road.

Turn right again and walk along Playfair Road until you see a yellow and white building (that’s The Commerze).

Update 5 Apr 2015: Alternatively, you can make a right turn after Exit A and you will be able to spot The Commerze. Thanks Gary for dropping that titbit!

23 Jumpin is situated at the ground level – look out for the Vespa parked in front!


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