[MOVED] Windowsill In The Woods @ Jalan Besar (Now At Upper Thomson)

[Update 24 September 2015: Windowsill has moved to Upper Thomson.] 

When it comes to keeping up with the explosion of cafes all over Singapore, along with its rapidly evolving food trends,  I find myself craving for something classic, something that’s stayed true to its brand through the test of time. After trying their delectable offerings at Artistry, I was eager to discover more culinary creations at Windowsill’s main branch over at Jalan Besar.

Set amidst a sleepy stretch of old-school coffeeshops and hardware stores, Windowsill in the Woods sticks out with its decidedly whimsical exterior which is reminiscent of the patterns you see on Christmas cards. The place was bustling yet with a tinge of tranquility when I visited; plus points for well-spaced tables and even a cozy alcove area with floor to length windows to make you feel like you’re literally dining by a windowsill. 😉

Some say that if you’ve cooked up (or in this case, baked up) something that isn’t exactly high on a customer’s list of favourites, and he or she ends up loving it, then you’ve hit the culinary home run. That’s the case for this Strawberry Lemon here.

I’m not the biggest fan of lemon, or citrus based desserts cos I find overly tangy flavours off putting, but Windowsill’s rendition of the lemon meringue pie hit was totally spot on! Lemon custard was not overly dense, and had just the right amount of tanginess that made me want to keep digging my fork in for another piece. Strawberry curds made an interesting pattern on the sides, and that meringue was light, sweet and fluffy to the last bite.

For me, the most important part of any pie is its crust – and Windowsills definitely nailed it!

Looking at all ’em pies in the display case, I had a hard choice but the Grasshopper ranks high on the photogenic meter (someone in the kitchen must have scored an A in art). Along with the Coconut Lime Vodka (that I didn’t pick but was sooo tempted to), this one is inspired by the popular drink and plays on the flavours of those addictive after-eights.

Between the Grasshopper and the Strawberry Lemon, Windowsill’s pies are out of this world. Every component is distinguishable in flavour and texture, yet they all work as a whole. The mint layer provided a refreshing contrast to the denser chocolate filling, coupled with a generous amount of curds that made this slice a yummy surprise! 😉

Like its mish mash of industrial interiors and whimsical decor, Windowsills presents an eclectic blend of flavours for those seeking an adventurous, yet palatable twist to their favourite dessert. Whether you’re reading by the window or cozying up to that gigantic teddy bear by the trees, this humble cafe makes the ideal place to while your afternoon away. 🙂

Address: 95 Soo Chow Walk
Opening hours:
Tuesday  to Thursday: 11am – 9.30pm
Friday: 11am – 10.30pm
Saturday: 10am – 10.30pm
Sunday: 10am – 9.30pm
Closed on Mondays
Contact: 9004 7827 or pies@windowsillpies.sg

Menu (look out for the Savoury menu that changes every fortnight!)

Nets: Yes

Directions: [Update 24 September 2015: Windowsill has moved to Upper Thomson, but you may still use these directions to find other places like AEIOU, The Bravery and The Refinery.]

Alight at Lavender MRT (EW 11) and come out through Exit B. Turn right and walk past Kopitiam.

Turn left and walk past V Hotel and Kitchener Complex.

After Kitchener Complex is Block 807. Walk past till you get to Jalan Besar Stadium.

Walk to the end of Jalan Besar Stadium and cross the road.

Windowsill is just around the corner from this old school coffeeshop.


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