[CLOSED] The Bakehouse @ Alexandra Central – The Savoury Arm of Carpenter & Cook

Update June 2020: The Bakehouse has closed.

We Singaporeans sure are spoilt for choices when it comes to food. I remember back in 2009 when I was working in Alexandra, dining options were limited to IKEA, Anchorpoint and Queensway.

Fast forward to today, and we now have Alexandra Central, home to a range of Asian comfort food and Western brunch places – one of them being The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook.

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The Tuckshop @ Guillemard Road – Now Open For Brunch (Invite)

Ah, the tuckshop – haven of 80-cent bee hoon and Wang Wang biscuits from our primary school days. Who here recalls rushing down to their favourite stall during those precious half-hour recess times? 🙂

Today, it stands for another kind of haven – a bar-cum-cafe tucked away on Guillemard Road. Watering hole by night – and now brunch joint by day, The Tuckshop is now brunching out (ha ha ha) into the cafe scene with an all new weekday and weekend food menu!

With The Tuckshop’s slogan being “All Things Local”, I daresay their brunch selections are dedicated to bringing back the simple, joyous things in life – just like the tuckshops of old. 😉

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10 Indoor Cafes to Chill or Work At While Escaping the Haze

Gosh, it sure looks like the haze is going from bad to worst, with more hot spots than ever in Indonesia, and PSI numbers hitting the hundreds.

But it doesn’t mean that we have to hole up indoors 24/7 just to avoid battling the Silent Hill-esque atmosphere outside. Here are 10 indoor cafes you can still hang out or work at while enjoying good food and company, whether it’s scorching hot or raining cats and dogs.

(Cafes in this list are either located inside buildings or fully air conditioned with no alfresco area and within 5 mins walk from the MRT.)

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[CLOSED] AEIOU @ King George’s Avenue

Update June 2020: AEIOU has closed.

There are cafes that serve great food in lacklustre setups, and there are cafes that look oh so Insta-worthy but serve sub-par dishes. AEIOU is one of those rare ones that combine both into one eclectic, delectable mix.

Taking residence in what used to be an antique store, the cafe prides itself on its simplicity and whimsicality, from its unpretentious fare to the downright quirky, re-purposed decor. Kind of like the “organized clutter” we all are so fond of seeing in our homes or office desks. 😉

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23 Jumpin @ Irving Place (Sugar)

Mention Tai Seng and the image conjured is that of industrial estates and droll cafeterias; classic Western fare and all-day brunch hardly factor in this neck of the woods.

And yet, just when every upscale neighbourhood and heartland corner finds itself saturated, along comes The Commerze with its smattering of cafes and salad bars. Thanks to Sugar’s search-by-location function, I chanced upon 23 Jumpin’ and decided to check it out.

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