The Tuckshop @ Guillemard Road – Now Open For Brunch (Invite)

Ah, the tuckshop – haven of 80-cent bee hoon and Wang Wang biscuits from our primary school days. Who here recalls rushing down to their favourite stall during those precious half-hour recess times? 🙂

Today, it stands for another kind of haven – a bar-cum-cafe tucked away on Guillemard Road. Watering hole by night – and now brunch joint by day, The Tuckshop is now brunching out (ha ha ha) into the cafe scene with an all new weekday and weekend food menu!

With The Tuckshop’s slogan being “All Things Local”, I daresay their brunch selections are dedicated to bringing back the simple, joyous things in life – just like the tuckshops of old. 😉

The Tuckshop’s menu is split into two categories: the weekday menu which features a mix of Asian and Western lunch items, and the weekend one which consists of Western classics with a couple of Asian twists. Sounds like the team knows what the tummy wants at different times of the week!

There are even vegetarian, pescetarian and gluten free options marked out on the menu, too.

Of all the items we tried, The Tuckshop Breakfast of Champions has got to be the most epic. Wagyu steak, fried eggs, bacon, jumbo pork sausage, hash brown and artisanal toast – I can see why it’s one for the meat lovers and the hungover. Imagine dragging yourself outta bed to this glorious feast! And this is just for one.

The jumbo pork sausage is my favourite part of the dish. The wagyu steak, on the other hand, was a bit of a letdown as it was a tad dry, probably from being cut and aired for too long on the plate.

If the Breakfast of Champions holds the title for the most hearty meal, the Torched Salmon takes first prize for presentation. Love love love the variety of colours and textures on that plate, especially the poached eggs drizzled with hollandaise sauce and ebiko roe and tucked inside a crispy croissant!

The semi-cooked atlantic salmon was not bad, though a tad salty in the middle. Nice to the see The Tuckshop experimenting with unique components while staying true to the classics like the salmon-asparagus combination.

For an East meets West experience, though, go for the Chilli Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Crab. There’s even creamy corn potato cake and crispy mantou for all that crab!

The Tuckshop also boasts an eclectic mix of drinks, like Chilli Chocolate Mocha, Bandung Latte, and even the Kaya Butter Kopi which I had.

Alcohol-wise, The Tuckshop has an exclusive “Tuckshop Edition” which is a mix of gulamelaka and calamansi. The staff asked us to rename their beer and I chose Jin Zuak, which is dialect for “very hot” – because Singapore’s weather is intensely hot and sometimes a pint or two can help you cool off. 😛

Do note the price may vary at different times.

The Tuckshop is an interesting addition to the East and I’d definitely be back to try their weekday menu. Don’t forget to drop by The Recess, their social and communal space which just opened next door!

Kudos to the people at The Tuckshop for venturing into new food frontiers, and thanks for having us over for brunch!

Address: 403 Guillemard Road
Opening hours: 11am – 12am daily (last order for brunch at 4pm)
Happy hours: 5pm – 7pm

Menu: Weekday/Weekend 

Directions: Alight at Dakota MRT Station and take Exit A. Turn left and walk along Geylang River till you reach Guillemard Road. Cross the road, head to the right and you will reach The Tuckshop.


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