10 Indoor Cafes to Chill or Work At While Escaping the Haze

Gosh, it sure looks like the haze is going from bad to worst, with more hot spots than ever in Indonesia, and PSI numbers hitting the hundreds.

But it doesn’t mean that we have to hole up indoors 24/7 just to avoid battling the Silent Hill-esque atmosphere outside. Here are 10 indoor cafes you can still hang out or work at while enjoying good food and company, whether it’s scorching hot or raining cats and dogs.

(Cafes in this list are either located inside buildings or fully air conditioned with no alfresco area and within 5 mins walk from the MRT.)

1. fArt tArtz @ Singapore Expo 

Tucked away in Singapore Expo, this garden themed cafe is a treat for the senses. Their claim to fame is their pasta in a jar, while the Instagram worthy Oreo Nutella Mud Tart will make you feel like you are literally eating a garden. The cafe welcomes students to study at their premises, too.

2. BLACK&INK @ Changi Road  

Word is that this 20-seater cafe only offers indoor seating, so that customers can enjoy their range of sandwiches, gelato and baked treats in comfort. For a shortcut, walk through the HDB estate next to Eunos MRT.

3. 23 Jumpin @ Irving Place

23 Jumpin proves that you don’t need fancy decorations to attract the crowds; just good, honest food. Don’t be fooled by the black tinted windows, for inside is a vibrant dining scene. Full review here.

4. AEIOU @ Jalan Besar

Furniture shop turned hipster cafe, AEIOU reminds you of a karang guni man’s house, minus the dust and clutter. Head on over for some healthy, yet delicious grub, while enjoying some slow French beats in this fully air conditioned space. Full review here.

5. The Assembly Ground @ The Cathay 

Not to be confused with Assembly Coffee on Evans Road, The Assembly Ground proves that hipster spaces can exist inside the more commercial areas. They also serve ice cream with their iced milk drinks. Full review here.

6.  Neko no Niwa @ Boat Quay 

Pssst – these guys just installed two Dyson Pure Cool air purifiers, so you can have a peace of mind while spending the afternoon (or evening) with their cat buddies. Do remember to make a reservation in advance. Full review here.

7. HOT @ CapitaGreen 

Want to meet your clients over a cuppa but Starbucks is full? Fret not. Located on the ground level of CapitaGreen, which just had its official opening, HOT (which stands for House of Taste) is a quaint little cafe favoured by the working crowd. This is another place that sells pasta in a jar, by the way.

8. Drury Lane @ Tanjong Pagar Road 

With its name derived from the nursery rhyme, “The Muffin Man”, and a bright red exterior reminiscent of telephone booths in London, you can be sure that Drury Lane will transport you to the land of tea and scones from the moment you step in. And get this – they have a pay as you want system for their muffins.

9. Brunches Cafe @ Rangoon Road 

The second vintage cafe on this list, Brunches Cafe comes armed with a car turned seat. Enjoy classic brunch items like Bacon Eggs Benedict here. There’s also free WiFi for you to tap into if you’re looking for a place to work. 😉

10. Rollie Ollie @ Star Vista 

Newly opened, this sushi joint takes the California Roll to a whole new level. Hop off the train at Buona Vista, take the first escalator up Star Vista and head straight for some fusion goodness. Full review here.

Want to find more places like these? Install SUGAR on iOS or Android now and get $5 worth of free credits when you sign up. 🙂


One thought on “10 Indoor Cafes to Chill or Work At While Escaping the Haze

  1. Joy says:

    Rizcuit kitchen at 88 rangoon rd has air cleaners that produced sterilized air and plugs for my lap top too! Thumbs up! Gorgeous crabster burger a mus order!

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