[CLOSED] AEIOU @ King George’s Avenue

Update June 2020: AEIOU has closed.

There are cafes that serve great food in lacklustre setups, and there are cafes that look oh so Insta-worthy but serve sub-par dishes. AEIOU is one of those rare ones that combine both into one eclectic, delectable mix.

Taking residence in what used to be an antique store, the cafe prides itself on its simplicity and whimsicality, from its unpretentious fare to the downright quirky, re-purposed decor. Kind of like the “organized clutter” we all are so fond of seeing in our homes or office desks. 😉

Old knick knacks greet you as you enter; there was even a playlist of classic French songs playing in the background, giving you the impression that you’d left King George’s Avenue for a quiet, yet sensory retreat.

Like the decor, AEIOU’s menu screams quirky hipster without bordering on overly pretentious. Every dish, drink and dessert is cooked up to look and taste good (great news for avid Instagrammers out there!).

The Pan of Sunshine is a must-try if you’re an egg lover (I wonder how many pans AEIOU has stocked up just to serve this dish in). You can choose from different toppings like smoked salmon, turkey ham or duck confit shavings. Make sure you dip that bread into the yolk! Overall, the dish is very light and flavourful, though they could have been more generous with the alfalfa sprouts.

I’m sure you’ve heard of their Avocado Coffee by now, A.K.A. the reason why every cafe hopper worth their salt flocked to AEIOU when they first opened.

I’ve only had avocado smoothie once and hated it, so I was a bit weary on trying this one. But hey, what’s cafe hopping for if you’re not adventurous, right?

The avocado blend was surprisingly sweet, and the the bitterness of the espresso added a punch to it.  For me, one cup is enough, as the espresso was just too intense for my liking. I’m sure coffee lovers would be all over this!

AEIOU is the perfect place for a guilt-free brunch. The food is prepared diligently from scratch, the atmosphere is relaxing and best of all, it’s air-conditioned! If you’re into vintage decor and looking for an alternative to the usual Eggs and Benedict and Waffles combination, head on over and you’ll be wowed away. 🙂

Address: 111 King George’s Avenue
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am – 10pm
Closed on Mondays
Contact: 6291 2698

Website/Facebook/ Instagram

WiFi: Yes 


AEIOU is located between Lavender MRT and Windowsill by the Woods. Follow the same path until before Jalan Besar Stadium; turn right at the grey building and look for the cute dinosaur on the building next to it.


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