15 Non-Alcoholic Drinks Everyone Needs to Try At Least Once in Singapore

With the third wave coffee movement in full swing, hipster cafes and artisan eateries are a dime a dozen – and so are specialty coffees and drinks. From the unique tasting to the Instagram-worthy, here are 15 thirst quenchers that are worth checking out:

1. Orange Mocha (Sarnies)
If you can order this, chances are you’re a true blue hipster. This off-the-menu cuppa yields a rich, velvety body that is contrasted with a slight citrusy tang from soaking orange peels into the coffee. A definite palatae-pleaser that packs a mean, caffeineted punch.
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2. 3D Latte (Chock Full of Beans)
This one needs no introduction: an otherwise ordinary iced latte topped with the cutest foam-based creations this side of Singapore (east, by the way). Cute kitties or cartoon characters peeking out of the cup on a hot, sunny day? Yes please!
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3. Nutrition Mocha (Cafe Seventy)
What looks to be an ordinary cuppa is actually a fusion of coffee, chocolate syrup and Vitamagra nutrition shake powder. With over 30 vitamins and minerals in the mix, Café Seventy’s nutritious addition to Singapore’s coffee scene is both a pick-me-up and health hit.

4. The Labs Concoction (The Lab)
Much like sci-fi movies, drinks at The Lab are fun, experimental…but still palatable. Don’t be surprised if it comes in a measuring cylinder or with a syringe – these guys aren’t holding it back when it comes to brewing up quirky concoctions in quirkier packages.

5. Sweet Potato Latte (Cups N Canvas)
True to the café’s name, this part-beverage, part-breakfast item is both a product of culinary innovation and artistic expression (no two latte arts are the same!). A taste of home hits you on the first sip, and the chewy sweet potato bits add an interesting texture to the milk.

6. Iced Rose Latte (Chock Full of Beans)
Another CFOB entry that doesn’t get quite as much attention as it should, yet can still hold its own in visual appeal. Distinct layers of rose syrup, coffee and whipped cream blend well together for a subtle, yet well-bodied taste.

7. Iced Nuts About You (Tian Kee & Co.)
Nutella fans will go nuts for this one (pun intended): Nutella sauce and Espresso ice cubes doused in milk. The Espresso flavour gets ever so intense as it melts into the drink over time.
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8. Lavender Latte (The Bravery)
Infused with the “herb of love”, The Bravery’s innovative latte yields a strong, perfumated note that complements the coffee beans. A must-try if you’re a lavender lover, or have an especially adventurous palate.

9. Shoyu Caramel Latte (GastroSmiths)
This is one of those combinations that makes you go “Huh?!”when you hear about it, but somehow works! Much like salted caramel, the flavour profile is one of strong coffee blend with an aftertasteo of shoyu that intensifies the bitterness.

10. Butter Coffee (Heap Seng)
The only entry that doesn’t hail from a hipster café. Heap Seng’s coffee is like any other kopi peng you would enjoy at your neighbourhood coffee shop, except for that knob of butter that smoothens the texture and makes your cuppa worth its salt.

11. Old Hen Cold Brews (Old Hen Coffee Bar) 
With scorching weather like ours, it makes sense to seek reprieve with a refreshing cold brew. This one gets our vote for being freshly brewed in Singapore (yay for local products!). Choose between Creamy White and Dark Cocoa, pair it with a delicious Panna Cotta and you’re all set.

12. Affogato (FatCat Ice Cream Bar) 
It’s technically a dessert, but since Wikipedia acknowledges it as a coffee based beverage, we’re sneaking it in. FatCat is known for its artisanal plated creations, and this one is no exception. The menu changes daily, so fingers crossed that you get to try it when you visit!
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13. Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake (Five & Dime Eatery)
The priciest entry on the list, this one’s pure indulgence with whipped cream, fresh strawberry and a yummy digestive to bite into.

14. Avocado Coffee (AEIOU Cafe)
Hey, if you can drink it through a straw, then it counts, right? AEIOU solves the dilemma of choosing between coffee and dessert by combining both into one smooth, refreshing concoction. The velvety rich texture of the avocado and the bitterness of the Espresso blend really well, and the re-purposed Vodka bottle glass makes it one of the most Instagram worthy.

(Read my review here.)

15. Any kind of Coffee (Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee) 
How many places can you enjoy a cuppa at and decide how much to pay for it? Not only does Tiong Hoe produce gourmet coffee, it also sells equipment to shops and cafes. If there’s one place you can witness the coffee making process from start to finish, learn about different brews and get to taste it, this is it.

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