10 Singapore Cafes with Instagram Worthy Tabletops for #Flatlay Addicts

Flatlays. They’re all the rage on Instagram, whether you’re showing off your latest fashion haul or a #blessed weekend brunch with your BFFs.

Of course, it’s not enough to nail that killer arrangement of whatever you’re trying to show off; a good backdrop can make or break your #flatlay, too.

So to help you Instagrammers out there, I’ve compiled a list of cafes in Singapore with Instagram worthy table tops for your photo taking needs.

(You can take your food off the floor now.)

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[CLOSED] Enbu 炎舞 @ Eat@7, Suntec City – Singapore’s First Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya (Sugar)

Update June 2020: Enbu has closed.

The hardest thing about leaving Japan at the end of my holidays there is saying goodbye to her rich food culture – there’s something about its freshness and keen attention to detail that can only be replicated by authentic Japanese chefs or the most well trained in Singapore.

Thanks to ANA – yes, that same Japanese airline that brought us the iconic Stars Wars themed aeroplane late this year – shoppers at Suntec City get to sample 7 popular Japanese concepts at the aptly named Eat@7, located on Suntec City’s top level. One of them being Enbu, Singapore’s first warayaki and charcoal grill izakaya.


Food here is cooked using the traditional method of warayaki – straw roasted cooking, which explains the smokiness and oh-so flavourful morsels!

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10 Indoor Cafes to Chill or Work At While Escaping the Haze

Gosh, it sure looks like the haze is going from bad to worst, with more hot spots than ever in Indonesia, and PSI numbers hitting the hundreds.

But it doesn’t mean that we have to hole up indoors 24/7 just to avoid battling the Silent Hill-esque atmosphere outside. Here are 10 indoor cafes you can still hang out or work at while enjoying good food and company, whether it’s scorching hot or raining cats and dogs.

(Cafes in this list are either located inside buildings or fully air conditioned with no alfresco area and within 5 mins walk from the MRT.)

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[CLOSED] Coast and Company @ Siglap Drive – Coffee Meets Bicycles (Sugar)

[Update 3 May 2016: Coast and Company have closed for a new retail concept catered to cyclists.]

Coast and Company is one of those off-the-beaten-track cafes that you’d be better off biking or driving to. The cafe cum bike workshop is a heaven sent for cycling enthusiasts who plan on catching a cuppa and checking out new gear.

For non-cyclists – like me – the residential cafe offers some respite from the crowded urban areas.

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TomorrowFree Kafei @ Irving Place – Taking Singapore’s Food Culture Back to its Traditional Roots (Invite)

With its decidedly Singlish name and locally-slanted menu, TomorrowFree Kafei stands out from the belt of Western cafes in Irving Place. It’s a known fact that this place has injected Tai Seng with a bit of Singapore’s cafe culture, so why is this family-run eatery choosing to run the other direction with food that most would say “eh my mother can cook leh”?

Owner Steven Oh believes in evoking the fond memories of yesteryears through home-cooked goodness, hence his desire to preserve the cultures and flavours passed down from previous generations – with a few twists of his own.

(photo credit: Hazel) 

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C-Side Sentosa @ Siloso Beach Walk (Sugar Rush)

If there’s one thing we can thank Singapore’s weather for, it’s the tropical cheeriness that lasts all year long. And at C-Side Sentosa, summer never ends!

Comprised of five F&B and beach bar outlets, C-Side served as the venue for our second SUGAR RUSH, as well as a new quarterly event called 3BS (more on that later). Having passed the area frequently during my university’s beach orientation games, I jumped at the chance to try their range of bar bites, cocktails and beers.

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23 Jumpin @ Irving Place (Sugar)

Mention Tai Seng and the image conjured is that of industrial estates and droll cafeterias; classic Western fare and all-day brunch hardly factor in this neck of the woods.

And yet, just when every upscale neighbourhood and heartland corner finds itself saturated, along comes The Commerze with its smattering of cafes and salad bars. Thanks to Sugar’s search-by-location function, I chanced upon 23 Jumpin’ and decided to check it out.

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