Stranger’s Reunion @ Outram Park

Us Singaporeans sure have a way of making our lives revolve around food; we spend the better half of the morning looking forward to lunch, do most of our socialising over a cuppa – heck, we even make a hobby out of it by way of cafe hopping.

It’s no wonder, then, that places like Stranger’s Reunion have since become synonymous with the coming together of people over a shared love of food. Like a reliable friend who you can always count on, this quaint cafe stayed open during the recent public holiday so off we went to take advantage of the remainder of our long weekend!

Opened in 2012 along Kampong Bahru, the cafe has since expanded and revamped its menu to cater to a wider clientele (and palate). I’ve visited once before and after the revamp, so a refresher of sorts was more than welcome on this rare Monday off. 😀

With the menu divided between lunchtime and dinner service, an afternoon at Stranger’s Reunion offered up a variety of all-day breakfasts and comfort foods. Pick of the day was a simple Eggs on Toast which is fully customised, meaning you can choose the type of eggs (scrambled or poached with hollandaise sauce) and bread (English Muffin, ciabata, focaccia or olive bread) and have it your way. 😉

Unlike fancier breakfast items like Full English and waffles, Stranger’s Eggs on Toast doesn’t grace your table with bells and whistles, though it doesn’t even need to. Just the sight of two English Muffins piled high with fluffy, steaming scrambled eggs was enough to make my mouth water. That shot-glassful of tomato relish was pretty much like Hello Kitty’s ribbon: aesthetically pleasing but not what you’d pay too much attention to when you’re busy trying to figure out why on earth she doesn’t have a mouth.

And I know it’s horribly cliche when they say that no words can describe it, but that’s how I really felt when I bit into ‘em eggs. It was like little cherubs were dancing on my tastebuds the whole time – soft, fluffy and savoury to the very last bite. Perfectly seasoned too. In fact, just do away with the bread and gimme a plateful of those eggs and I’ll be perfectly fine with waking up early just for it. Every. Single. Day.

It’s a good thing that I stopped myself from ordering a second round of Eggs on Toast, because that meant more room for – you guessed it – dessert! Enter the legendary Buttermilk Waffle which charmed so many diners that it prompted the opening of its sister cafe, Waffles Slayer, next door. For toppings, there are four to choose from:

  • Artisan Greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit
  • Maple syrup and fresh fruit
  • Strawberry maceration and ice cream

And we had the fourth. 🙂 The waffle base was incredibly fluffy, yet did not turn soggy from the ice cream. Strawberries were sufficiently sweet and did not taste artificial, and the ice cream was a really cool treat after braving the heat outside. 

I can see why Stranger’s Reunion is named as such. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it befitting for casual get-togethers with acquaintances old and new. More than that, it also re-acquaints you with the idea of what a truly good brunch is all about: hearty, wholesome, and delicious, and I’m looking forward to my next reunion with both friends and food. 😉

Website/ Facebook:

Address: 33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road

Contact: 6222 4869 /

Opening Hours: 
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday : 9am – 10pm
Friday and Saturday: 9am – 12mn


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