Golden Samurai Burger @ McDonald’s (OMY Blog Club)

Unless you’re living under a rock, you would have known that McDonald’s has released a new rendition of their Samurai Burger – the Golden Samurai Burger which boasts a mouth-watering chicken or beef patty dipped in teriyaki sauce, layered with lettuce and a grilled pineapple ring between oat bran buns.

Source: McDonald’s Singapore

Thanks to the OMY Blog Club, I had the chance to taste how the popular Samurai Burger would go with the grilled pineapple on the eve of its launch.

Moment of truth – unveiling the Golden Samurai Burger.

You can see the pineapple ring wedged between the chicken patty and the vegetables. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of teriyaki sauce and sweet and sour components, but I thought the two flavours went pretty well together, and should be a pretty sweet (pun unintended) addition for fans of the Samurai burger. 😉

Both versions of the Samurai Burger are available while stocks last – along with the classic Seaweed Shaker Fries and Mocha McFlurry. Kinda strange that they didn’t sell a matcha flavoured McFlurry alongside a Japanese themed seasonal menu, but whatever rocks their boat!

Thanks McDonald’s Singapore and OMY Blog Club for hosting us and giving us an exclusive sneak peek at the Golden Samurai Burger!


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