High Society Cafe and Restaurant @ Marina Bay Sands

Besides an extensive music catalogue, the High Society brand now has another venture under its belt: a cafe and restaurant that serves up an eclectic mix of European fusion cuisine, seasonal dishes, and (dare I say it) cupcakes named after its award-winning records.

The name “high society” speaks for itself. Its chic, Italian-inspired premises, coupled with the infectiously upbeat jazz mix that permeates it, will have you convinced that you have left the bustling corridors of Marina Bay Sands for a sophisticated European district. So does High Society Cafe and Restaurant live up to its brand’s philosophy of “living life through the enjoyment of good music and good food”? The answer is: yes! 😀


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[CLOSED] Kraze Burger @ The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Update June 2020: Kraze Burger has closed. 

There are three things in life that one should never not cheat on: exams, lovers, and diets.

But if you absolutely have to cheat on the last item in this list, you’d better be darned sure that those calories you’re flirting with are worth every. Single. Bite.

Arriving at the pristine halls of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands one evening, my friend and I were famished, having spent the afternoon at the ArtScience Museum. Having little room in our wallets for more damage from the other chi-chi fine dining places, and not willing to spend our precious moolah on a certain high end food court (which to me isn’t half as good as the next hawker centre), an affordable, yet satisfying meal was in order.

We decided on Kraze Burger. 

Established in 1998, Kraze Burger is a South Korean franchise on a mission to take on one of the West’s most iconic offerings: the ubiquitous hamburger.  Walking into its green and brown hued interior, one could easily mistake it for a Western pub – that is, until the upbeat tunes of PSY, Big Bang and the like clue you in.


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