When in Bali: Sisterfields @ Jalan Kayu, Seminyak – The Must-Visit Australian Cafe Near Seminyak Square

Mention cafe hopping in Bali, and Sisterfields is the first name to pop up on many a traveller’s list. The all-day Australian brunch cafe has certainly earned its status as one of the must-visit tourist haunts in Seminyak, since its opening by hospitality hyphenate Adam McAsey.


The elaborately furnished cafe was already bustling with tourists, all looking for a spot in the air conditioned oasis on a hot, sunny weekend afternoon. Outside, the marble themed alfresco area was drenched in sunlight, as others milled around awaiting their turn.


Stepping into Sisterfields, I felt like I was leaving Seminyak and entering Australia for brunch. Waiters dressed in the signature hipster cafe garb – complete with denim apron – hustled all around, taking non stop orders. Everything here is set up for the ‘gram – from the plant draped wall, to the edgy one-liners imprinted on hot pink bathrooms.


While Sisterfields keeps it relatively simple – toasts, eggs, salads, and acai bowls dominate the all-day brunch menu, we were still spoilt for choice, flipping through the menu more than twice as everything sounded enticing on paper (I think the fact that we were leaving Bali three hours later may have contributed to the intense feeling of FOMO, but really, we wanted to try everything).

Despite having an upset tummy the day before, I decided to risk it with a Chilli Cheese Scrambled Eggs (95,000 IDR), served with beef pastrami. While not as vibrantly coloured as other items like Pancakes and & Red Berries, this fiesty main more than makes up with perfectly runny scrambled eggs, held together by rich feta and emmental cheese. I would have preferred it to be a touch less oily, though the smokiness of the pastrami complemented the eggs and toast well.

Extra sides from spinach to smoked salmon, are also available from 30,000 IDR to 40,000 IDR if you’re still peckish!


Since it was scorching outside, I gave the coffee a miss and went for a Smoothie (55,000 IDR). The Purple Dragon turned out to be a refreshing amalgamation of mango, passionfruit, yakult, and dragon fruit, infused with honey for that syrupy sweet touch! You can even taste the pulp in the smoothie, so you know it’s freshly blended.


Compared to NOOK, Sisterfields is a boisterous affair, with the non  stop chatter and bustle from customers and servers alike leaving little room for serenity. Still, it’s worth checking out in the middle of shopping and crafts hunting at the nearby Seminyak Square, or if you are looking for a last minute brunch fix on your way to Denpasar Airport!

Address: Jalan. Kayu Cendana, No.7 Seminyak, Kerobokan Bali
Opening hours:  7am – 10pm daily
Contact: +62 811 3860 507/ hello@sisterfields.com (No reservations allowed)

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram 


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