DBS TwentyThirty – Partnering with Local Businesses to Bring Millennials Wholesome Lifestyle and Food Events + How You Can Join Them (Invite)

Let’s be honest – how many of us would associate a bank with activities like food tastings and coffee appreciation classes? I’m guessing not a lot.

In its continued mission to support local businesses and deliver quality content and experiences to millennials in Singapore, DBS Bank has launched TwentyThirty, an online hub for young adults to seek tips on navigating adulthood, financial decisions, and living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Besides serving as a one-stop hub for text and video content, TwentyThirty has also begun engaging its community of 20-30 year olds with free experiences and workshops, some of them held at DBS’ Millennial Branch in Plaza Singapura. 


Here are a couple of businesses DBS Bank partners with, and how you can be a part of TwentyThirty!

Bettr Barista 

A social enterprise supported by the DBS Foundation, Bettr Barista offers professional coaching and international certification in specialty coffee (SCAA, SCAE)  to coffee aficionados – on top of mobile coffee and barista services.


Fun fact: One of four Bettr Barista’s public outlets, is located at the entrance of DBS’ Millennial Branch. Two private ones are at Facebook and Temasek’s offices; how’s that for an exclusive pre-work cuppa?



Bettr Barista is also the roastery behind the Gordon’s Summer, which clinched top prize at the World Coffee in Good Spirits – and which we also got to try at a Coffee Cocktail Experience organised by TwentyThirty!




A 20,000 square foot organic supermarket tucked away in Kitchener Complex, Mahota brands itself as a wellness center, with an in-house cafe, yoga area, childcare centre, and retail area to boot.

Aside from dishing up a whole lot of health to customers, the 1-year old commune, which is owned by Prime Group International, also runs cooking classes for patrons to pick up a nutritious recipe or two.


In conjunction with the upcoming Marina Regatta: Blaze The Bay, Mahota recently partnered with May Schooling, mother of Olympian Joseph Schooling, to demonstrate a series of healthy recipes – some of which are also the champion swimmer’s favourite!




How Can I Join Them? 

As I’ve said, DBS TwentyThirty’s workshops and experiences are mostly free of charge! All you have to do is join one of their four interest groups on Facebook – Travel, Health & Fitness, Photography, and my favourite, Experiential Foodies – where interesting content or events are shared daily. You don’t have to pay a single cent for membership!

Or, you can check them out at the DBS Creators Market at Marina Regatta 2018 happening this and next weekend at Marina Bay Promontory.


There’s something for everyone – from the power fuelled Workouts by the Bay and Battle Bay Extreme for fitness junkies, to the Mahota Grocers Market for foodies, to the Creators Market Workshops for DIY enthusiasts.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much cash you need on hand – admission is free, and food and drinks at Mahota’s stalls start from $2/5-7.



Thanks for having us over and showing us around Marina Regatta, DBS Bank!

TwentyThirty by DBS: Website/ Facebook Groups

DBS Marina Regatta:
26-27 May and 2-3 June 2018
Opening hours:
10am – 10pm
Creators Market
Dragon Boat Race and Sailing Activities  


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