Hai Chi Jia Ma Jiang Mian Pi 嗨吃家麻酱面皮 – DIY Sesame Peanut Paste Noodles by the Viral Noodle Brand

It’s no secret that I’ve an unhealthy addiction to instant noodles. And the now viral Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen 嗨吃家酸辣粉 hit the spot for me in more ways than one. With the new Ma Jiang Mian Pi 麻酱面皮 hitting the shelves on online stores like Shopee, there’s no way I could resist!


The only noodle in the Hai Chi Jia series to not come served in its iconic cardboard box, the Ma Jiang Mian Pi is also distinctly devoid of the sour broth our spice-seeking tastebuds have come to know and love.


Along with wide, flat sweet potato noodles, Hai Chi Jia’s Ma Jiang Mian Pi set comprises six condiments and toppings, including chilli oil, vinegar, sesame seeds, bean curd skins, sesame-peanut paste, preserved vegetables, and fried peanuts. 


Preparation is also a straightforward affair – simply pop the noodles in boiling water and drain it through a drainage hole in the cover (you may need to poke a few times to get water draining through). Then, mix in your sauces and toppings!


While Hai Chi Jia’s noodles are generally known for their unapologetically fiery taste, the Ma Jiang Mian Pi is distinctly chewy, with thick sesame sauce peppered with notes of chilli oil the main flavour profile. The preserved vegetables and fried peanuts add some crunch, but it’s highly recommended to add cucumber and sausage slices to complete your meal.


It’s going to the top of my favourites for sure! You can even use these as the “main carb” of your meal, with other side dishes to go along with the bouncy noodles. Try to dig in quickly, though, as the noodles do tend to stick quickly.


Where to score some Hai Chi Jia Ma Jiang Mian Pi:


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