Baba Chews Bar and Eatery @ Katong Square, Katong – All-Day Modern Singapore Dining (Media)

There’s something intriguing about seeing where culinary innovations take us, especially when it comes to modernising and elevating our favourite childhood foods. It seems almost befitting that Baba Chews Bar and Eatery is situated in Katong, which many consider the heart of the beloved Peranakan cuisine. 


Like its home base, Katong Square, Baba Chews Bar and Eatery’s menu has undergone a few updates, with new Peranakan fusion dishes alongside other classic European offerings. 

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Alfresco and Chill @ Paradox Merchant Court, Clarke Quay – Relax with Bar Bites, Local Tapas, and Drinks by the Singapore River (Media)

I’ve always felt the riverside area of Clarke Quay was a tad under-utilised, which is a waste considering its picturesque views and relaxed atmosphere. Fortunately, it looks like Paradox Merchant Court has revived its alfresco bar for its new Alfresco and Chill menu. 

Available from 5pm every Wednesday to Sunday, Alfresco and Chill offers customers a condensed version of Ellenborough Market Cafe’s buffet, which includes mouthwatering selections of local-inspired tapas and snacks. 


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Heinz x Gong Cha Tomato BBT – Trying The Drinks Crossover You Never Expected So You Don’t Have To

I’ll start by saying that tomato sauce is one of my least favourite condiments, followed closely by ranch and thousand island. I would never allow it near my food if I can help it. 

But when Heinz and Gongcha’s latest collaboration, the time-limited Tomato BBT dropped, I could not resist checking it out. Maybe it was the oh-so-cute package that got me hook, line, and sinker. Or maybe it was the thrill of testing my tastebud with something that normally puts me off. 


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