Pokémon Cafe by EwF and PARCO @ Bugis Junction (27 May to 31 July) – Worth the Seven Hour Wait?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen or heard of Pokémon at least once. Having graced our Gameboys and TV screens for over two decades, the adorable Pocket Monsters recently invaded our shores and set up their first shop in the ASEAN region at EwF Bugis Junction! 

Being an ardent fan of Pikachu and gang and having nothing better to do, I decided to visit the Pokémon Pop Up Cafe to see if it was *really* worth the seven hour wait.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pop Up

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[Moved] EwF by Everything with Fries @ Orchard Central

[Update 8 Jun 2016: The Orchard Central outlet has closed, with the remaining outlet at Bugis Junction.]

I can never get enough of burgers and fries.

When I was little, nothing thrilled me more than the thought of kicking back with a juicy burger and a pile of fresh cut fries, especially after a long day out with my parents.

As with every childhood love, it evolves with age, growing beyond the usual McDonald’s and Burger King combos that our childhood palates were so used to. These days, it’s my friends whom I am constantly on the lookout with for new, exciting options. 😀

And so, when my friends and I met for an impromptu dinner one weekday night, we unanimously decided on EwF by Everything with Fries. After all, what better way to recuperate from a demanding day at work, than with some much deserved comfort food? 😀


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