[Moved] EwF by Everything with Fries @ Orchard Central

[Update 8 Jun 2016: The Orchard Central outlet has closed, with the remaining outlet at Bugis Junction.]

I can never get enough of burgers and fries.

When I was little, nothing thrilled me more than the thought of kicking back with a juicy burger and a pile of fresh cut fries, especially after a long day out with my parents.

As with every childhood love, it evolves with age, growing beyond the usual McDonald’s and Burger King combos that our childhood palates were so used to. These days, it’s my friends whom I am constantly on the lookout with for new, exciting options. 😀

And so, when my friends and I met for an impromptu dinner one weekday night, we unanimously decided on EwF by Everything with Fries. After all, what better way to recuperate from a demanding day at work, than with some much deserved comfort food? 😀


It’s been a couple of years since my last visit to Everything with Fries at Holland Village, and I was eager to see what its fast food counterpart had to offer. Walking into the bustling joint at Orchard Road, it looked every bit the hangout for adolescents, with its preppy decor and hip atmosphere. 😀

My pick for the night was a Duck Leg Burger with Garlic and Herb Fries. The patty had a consistency that was somewhat similar to pulled pork, making it rather delicate and easy to pull apart with the plastic cutlery. With a handful of greens sprinkled on top, it looked every bit the preppy burger as it sat between two glistening buns. What can I say? I love a pretty burger. 😉

Which is a real patty that the burger turned out to be a little too over seasoned; every bite tasted like I was eating a mouthful of salt! The meat was also a little on the dry side, making it less palatable. When I was finally done, the bottom bun was soaked with oil from the patty and I couldn’t stomach another mouthful.

The same goes for the fries, which, though crispy and hot, were practically doused with garlic and herb seasoning, to the point where there was a thin layer lining the plate itself. It would probably have tasted great with just a little bit of flavouring.


EwF is famous for the Nutella Tart which, unfortunately was sold out that day, so we settled on a Nutella Lava Cake instead, which you can choose to have served after your meal for maximum freshness. 😀

It’s pretty amazing how that scoop of vanilla ice cream managed to stay chilled and in shape in spite of our seemingly endless photo taking. 😛 Even though the lava cake was over done (no oozing of warm chocolate sauce like Domino’s!), there was that distinct Nutella taste that made up for it, almost. 😀

At approximately $10 per pax, EwF is a slightly more expensive version of McDonald’s, though also on the lower end of the price spectrum for dining options in town. Still, I wouldn’t mind heading back for a bite or two, since it’s in one of the less crowded corners of Orchard Road, meaning I can take a breather from the weekend crowd. 😀

Address:  181 Orchard Road 01-24/25

Website/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ewf.fanpage

Contact:  6634 8358

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 10am – 10pm

Friday and Saturday: 11am – 11pm


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