When in Phuket: Lhanya BBQ @ Nanai Road – Hidden Gem for Mookata in Patong; Open till 4am

I’m back from a whirlwind weekend trip to Patong, Phuket.  3 rejuvenating days of good company, adrenaline pumping activities (think ATV and white water rafting), roadside shopping, and yes – cheap, good food!

And what better way to start the trip than with mookata right in the country where it originated from?

Mookata, which has its roots in Northern Thailand, means “pork skillet”. Think of it as steamboat meets BBQ, with a shallow trough for boiling vegetables, noodles and seafood while strips of meat sizzles away on a dome-shaped skillet lathered with chunky pork lard pieces. Talk about getting the best of both worlds in one meal!

Lhanya BBQ Mookata Patong Phuket

A quick search on TripAdvisor turned up Lhanya BBQ as one of the go-to places for mookata in Patong. As it was monsoon season, we were almost deterred by the heavy downpour – that and the fact that only 2 of us had packed an umbrella for the trip. But as they say, no pain, no gain!

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