A Lesser Known Quote from Mr Lee Kuan Yew

As news of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s passing transforms our little red dot into an island of black, white and grey, social media and news sites alike have exploded in a flurry of mourning, reflection and remembrance of some of the great man’s achievements and words. Most notably:


Source: FiveStarsandaMoon.com


Source: MustShareNews.com

Well pretty much all has been said and done, and I’m not here to debate either side or announce my naming my next cuppa Milo after him (c’mon), but only to share my personal experience with him back in Year One.

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Why I Study Literature.

Growing up, I’ve always loved reading and writing, which pushed me to pursue English Literature in junior college and university.

Sadly, in a society that values numbers, Literature, and any other humanities subject for that matter, is inevitably belittled as no more than a mandatory fulfilment for lower to upper secondary education. Up to the day I graduated, many concluded that my degree was ill-suited to the reality of the working world, and the only job that would befit me was – you guessed it, an English teacher (which I’m not, by the way).

Not to put down my peers who did embark on the teaching route (whom I totally look up to because I personally couldn’t stomach the thought of going back to the classroom); I just find it ironic that English Literature majors are held in a dichotomous position in which they are revered for being able to understand a seemingly indecipherable text (trust me, it doesn’t happen all the time), but at the same time ridiculed for “over-reading” a “storybook”.

It’s cliche to say this, but if I had a dollar for every time someone stopped by to tell me to get my nose out of “that storybook” and hit the “real” books, I would be a millionaire.

But this post is not to lament about the woes of a student of English Literature, or to lambast every single person who inadvertently made me feel less than a student (including that one guy who told me to, quote unquote, stop looking at pornography because my copy of After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie had Modigliani’s Reclining Nude as its cover art).

I just thought I would post something that Professor Robbie Goh shared in my final class at NUS (which I also thought might come in handy for anyone who’s in that why-did-I-choose-this-major time of the semester 😉 ). I’m not setting out to change anyone’s mind about my major, but maybe this might put those in doubt a little closer to why I stuck with it for so long:

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The #100happydays Challenge

71% who attempted this challenge failed because they were too busy to be happy.

It’s almost unbelievable at first, that majority of people today, or at least, those who tried to be happy about something for 100 days in a row, can’t find time for that. But then again, it can’t be too far from the truth. After all, how many times have we skipped out on sitting down to enjoy a cuppa, or taken the little things for granted simply because we were too focussed on coming out tops in the daily rat race?

With 2013 being a year of emotional roller coasters and near mental train wrecks, I made a resolution to be consciously, and successfully, happier this year. Enter the 100 Happy Days challenge which dictated that I post a picture of something that had made me happy that day, everyday, for the next 100 days. For someone who is so used to chronicling her daily moments on Instagram and the like, this seemed reasonable enough!

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5 signs your co-worker has become your Work BFF

To the corporate newbie, the working world can be a real jungle, with cryptic industrial terminology (“vertical” doesn’t mean up and down, right?) and the occasional office beast ready to snap you up for breakfast. Does your boss’s poker face hide a smouldering rage within, or is that creepy dude sitting across you the cause of those stains that appeared mysteriously on your chair after you took the day off? (read: temporary foot rest)

For the lucky few, we have our Work BFFS, people whom we love dearly and happen to work with (BuzzFeed, 2013). Here are 5 ways to tell your co-worker has become your Work BFF.

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Hello 2014!

Happy New Year peeps! With 2013 behind us, I’m sure that everyone has had their fair share of firsts, laughs, ups and downs in the past 12 months. 😉 As for me, I’m just stoked that I made it through a tumultuous year in one piece, what with my graduation (finally!) and my first job. 😀

My 2013 ended with Virgin Australia Voyeur picking up my photo from Maison Ikkoku for their Insider’s Guide to Singapore. I’m pretty psyched that my work was considered good enough to be part of an actual publication and, well, it’s been a while since the thrill of seeing my photos published during my days as a news intern. 😛

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Follow the Yellow Paneled Ceiling (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences @ NUS)

I made a trip back to my old school, NUS, shortly after I graduated, armed with little more than my trusty Leica IIIF RD and a mental map of all the places I intended to visit and photograph.

Call me crazy for making that oh so dreaded Journey to the West, but there was no way I could stop myself after reading the umpteenth article about how places on this sunny island are constantly changing (no thanks to a relentless effort to drive our country to modernity).

Being the sentimental person that I am, I wanted nothing more than to snap an album full of pictures before it undergoes a complete face lift over the next decade.


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