I won!

I attended the preview for New Look’s Autumn Winter 2013 Collection last month, on the condition that I was to write an entry detailing their offerings, along with my experience piecing together a look in a team challenge Little did I know that my humble lil write up was to be picked among the top 5 entries!


The perks are obvious, but the greater reward is in having my entry recognized for whatever merit it had. 😀

I know it’s not something huge like Blogger of the Year and what not. But it’s an achievement none the less, and any milestone, no matter how big or small, still counts.  It’s definitely motivated me to write more for sure, and better.  😉

Do check out the other winning entries, as well, they’re equally amazing and an enjoyable read. 😉

Eileen Loves

Meryl Loh 

Nurul Ali

Princess and the Rock

As for me, I’ll be eagerly awaiting my prize. Hooray to a new wardrobe up ahead! 😀 Big shout out to the OMY and New Look teams for this opportunity, too!


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