Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno / The Legend Ends By The Numbers

Keishi Ohtomo’s live action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin‘s explosive Kyoto Arc has brought several Japanese actors *cough*Takeru Satoh*cough* to the international limelight and revitalised both the work of Nobuhiro Watsuki and the samurai movie genre. If you’re observant enough (or seen it at least five times over like me), you’d have noticed a couple of things in both films.

(Ok, I lied.)

SPOILER ALERT! Read at your own risk: 

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My DIY Mortar Board

If a wedding dress is the most important thing a gal can wear in her life, the second most important thing is probably her graduation gown. And with something as significant as this, you’d better be darn sure that you get the right stuff to complete the look and help you stand out from the crowd in whatever way you want.

But since you can’t exactly deck your entire robe in bling, or heaven forbid, modify it entirely, the next best option is to personalize your mortarboard with a little decoration. It also goes a long way in helping you find it back after throwing it into the air with your peers, so really, why not? 😉

Here’s a little DIY I did with mine!

It takes a little patience and creativity, but the wannabe artist in me enjoys creating and putting little designs together! 😀


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A little update ;)

I’ve an exciting piece of news to share with you peeps! Two, actually. 😀

First things first, I’ve just signed up with a graduate training program at a company I’ve been eyeing since the start of 2013, which means I’ll be starting work next week, learning the ropes as a newbie to the industry. It’s an amazing opportunity to say the least, and I feel truly blessed at being given the chance to join their team. I hope I’ll be able to learn as much as I can as I transit into this new stage of life 😀

Blogging wise, I’ve decided to venture into a whole new range of topics from events and outings, to lists and tips in general. I’ve still write about food of course (who doesn’t love to eat!), but why limit my posts to these when I could be sharing loads of great experiences with you guys? 😉

I know I keep saying how excited I am in every post that it almost sounds repetitive, but trust me, I truly am C: As always, keep your eyes peeled!


Calefare For A Day: NUS Ukulele Girl x StarHub Mobile’s Happy Everywhere Movement

There are many ways you spend the weekend – sleeping in, shopping, or catching up with your friends over a good cuppa. And if you’re lucky enough, you get to be a calefare in an upcoming commercial!

It all started some time back when my course mate Yen Lin, aka NUS Ukulele Girl, made waves in Singapore when she boarded a shuttle bus in school and held an impromptu singalong, all in the name of making NUS a happier place.

Who knew that StarHub would soon approach her to star in an ad for their latest Facebook application, Happy Everywhere!

The video’s pretty simple; it’s a re-enactment of her impromptu singalong, so calefare were needed to re-create the lively atmosphere on the shuttle bus. Needless to say, I was pretty excited at this chance so I immediately said yes when Yen Lin asked around.

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Blessed C:


It hasn’t been one of my easiest semesters at NUS, though not the toughest (yet!); with numerous deadlines, presentations, and job interviews coming up, it’s a wonder that I or my peers manage to make it through the day without having to head to the nearest coffee joint for that much needed cuppa.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my door this morning to find that my neighbour had left me a bottle of Chicken’s Essence, along with a short and sweet note of encouragement for my interview today!

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