My DIY Mortar Board

If a wedding dress is the most important thing a gal can wear in her life, the second most important thing is probably her graduation gown. And with something as significant as this, you’d better be darn sure that you get the right stuff to complete the look and help you stand out from the crowd in whatever way you want.

But since you can’t exactly deck your entire robe in bling, or heaven forbid, modify it entirely, the next best option is to personalize your mortarboard with a little decoration. It also goes a long way in helping you find it back after throwing it into the air with your peers, so really, why not? 😉

Here’s a little DIY I did with mine!

It takes a little patience and creativity, but the wannabe artist in me enjoys creating and putting little designs together! 😀


It’s no secret that I’m absolutely obsessed with the minions from Despicable Me, so that became the centerpiece of my design. C: I used colour paper from Daiso to make simple cutouts for my minimalist version; papoy! 


And here’s my final “masterpiece”,complete with a congratulatory message! 😉

As you can see, my mortar board is in a really dark shade, almost black, so it’s a good idea to pick designs that stand out so that it’ll be more noticeable in the crowd. Also, it’s a pretty small canvas, so try not to crowd it with too many details.

The hardest part was cutting out each and every letter, so you might want to consider getting ready-made alphabet stickers from any scrapbook shop.

I’m no expert on arts and crafts; my simple paper and glue product is nothing compared to the 3D and glittery effects on the likes of Pinterest, but I’m just glad that I’ve something unique for my Commencement Ceremony tomorrow; can’t wait to take loads of pictures with my personalised mortar board! C:


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