Dressing up for a Sikh Wedding

Weddings are such exciting affairs; from the elaborate ceremonies to the vibrant displays of tradition and culture, one can say that going to one is indeed an eye opener.

And, of course, there’s the part that thrills the inner fashionista in all of us: dressing up for the Big Day!

When we found out that our gal pal from Junior College was getting married in a traditional Sikh marriage ceremony, we set out to pick our respective outfits. And, mind you, dressing up for a wedding, and a traditional one at that, is a different ball game from, say, simply putting what they call your “Sunday best”.

A part of the marriage ceremony (or Anand Karaj) takes place on temple grounds, specifically the main hall, which means we have to abide by a certain dress code i.e. loose fitting clothes which cover our shoulders and legs, and a scarf to cover our heads.

So here’s what I picked to wear for today’s feature:


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My DIY Mortar Board

If a wedding dress is the most important thing a gal can wear in her life, the second most important thing is probably her graduation gown. And with something as significant as this, you’d better be darn sure that you get the right stuff to complete the look and help you stand out from the crowd in whatever way you want.

But since you can’t exactly deck your entire robe in bling, or heaven forbid, modify it entirely, the next best option is to personalize your mortarboard with a little decoration. It also goes a long way in helping you find it back after throwing it into the air with your peers, so really, why not? 😉

Here’s a little DIY I did with mine!

It takes a little patience and creativity, but the wannabe artist in me enjoys creating and putting little designs together! 😀


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